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    Codava National Council members stage a protest in Madikeri on Tuesday to urge the government to conduct a genealogical study of Kodavas.

    Codava National Council members stage a protest in Madikeri on Tuesday to urge the government to conduct a genealogical study of Kodavas.

    Codava National Council (CNC) members staged a protest in Madikeri on Tuesday to urge the government to restart the genealogical study of Kodavas, which has been stagnant.

    The report on the study should be submitted to the centre by the end of this month, the protestors demanded.

    Gathering in front of the deputy commissioner’s office, the members urged the government to complete the study so that the Kodava community could be added to the list of tribes.

    Council president N U Nachappa said that the demands should be considered seriously. The elected representatives should exhibit will power in fulfilling the aspirations of the Kodava community.

    During Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s visit to Kodagu recently, MLC Veena Acchaiah had submitted a memorandum to him, requesting to restart the genealogical study of Kodavas, he said, and added that the study should not become an election gimmick.

    A memorandum was submitted to the deputy commissioner on the occasion.

    Codava National Council leaders Katumaniyanda Umesh, Pullera Kalappa and Chambanda Janat participated in the protest.

    source: http://www.deccanherald.com / Deccan Herald / Home> District / by DH News Service / Madikeri – January 16th, 2018

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    A view of the General Thimayya Memorial Bhavana in Madikeri.

    A view of the General Thimayya Memorial Bhavana in Madikeri.

    The work on converting Sunny Side, the abode of late General K S Thimayya in Madikeri into a memorial has been re-started.

    The state government, through the Department of Kannada and Culture, released Rs 2.30 crore for the purpose last week. The memorial is expected to be ready within a few months.

    At the same time, a war tank, a long-pending demand, has finally arrived at the ‘Sunny Side’.

    Demand for tank

    Owing to shortage of fund, the work on converting ‘Sunny Side’ into a memorial could not be taken up. Ex-servicemen have been demanding that a war tank be kept in the museum of ‘Sunny Side’. When the Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat visited Kodagu to unveil the statues of Field Marshal K M Cariappa and General K S Thimayya on Kaveri College premises in Gonikoppa recently, the ex-servicemen’s association had appealed for the same. The war tank has arrived at Madikeri from Army Training Centre in Pune.

    The battle tank “Himath” was used during the India-Pakistan war in 1971. After the completion of the memorial, the war tank will be open for public viewing.

    The Nirmiti Kendra has taken up the work on the memorial but will retain the old structure of the house. It is proposed to keep a model of a fighter plane too, and items used by Gen Thimayya while serving the Army, along with war tank, in the memorial.

    Funds for memorial

    The state government had announced the conversion of the house into a memorial in its budget. Accordingly, the district administration had prepared an estimate for Rs 5.5 crore.

    In 2013-14, the government had released Rs 45 lakh. When the state government claimed that it cannot release such a huge amount, the district administration had revised the estimate to Rs 3.70 crore. The state government has so far released Rs 1.45 crore. With the recent release of Rs 2.30 crore, the work is likely to be completed at the earliest, said the Nirmiti Kendra officials.

    source: http://www.deccanherald.com / Deccan Herald / Home> District / by DH News Service, Madikeri / January 14th, 2018

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    A work on freedom fighter and veteran politician Pandyanda Belliappa, titled ‘Kodagina Gandhi, Pandyanda Belliappa’, will be released at the Kodava Samaja in Ammathi on January 15.

    The book has been written by Aithichanda Ramesh Uthappa.

    Karnataka Sahitya Academy president Aravinda Malagathi will release the book while Ammathi Kodava Samaja president Mookonda Bose Devaiah will preside over the programme.

    source: http://www.deccanherald.com / Deccan Herald / Home> District / DH News Service / Madikeri – January 13th, 2018

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    REACHING OUT: The president of the Virajpet taluk panchayat, Sarita Poonacha (left), sipping coffee at Kolli hadi, a tribal settlement in the Nagarahole National Park in Kodagu.

    REACHING OUT: The president of the Virajpet taluk panchayat, Sarita Poonacha (left), sipping coffee at Kolli hadi, a tribal settlement in the Nagarahole National Park in Kodagu.

    They stay in the house of a tribal couple overnight at Nagarahole


    The president of the Virajpet Taluk Panchayat, Sarita Poonacha, stayed in Kolli hadi, a tribal settlement, in the Nagarahole National Park on Tuesday as part of the “Grama Vastavya” programme to listen to the grievances of the hapless tribal people, according to information reaching here on Thursday.

    This was the first step being initiated by the panchayat to redress the problems being faced by the tribal people, Ms. Poonacha said. J.K. Muthamma, a tribal member in the panchayat, also stayed with Ms. Poonacha. They were offered tuberous roots and honey for supper.

    The Chief Executive Officer of the zilla panchayat, Mirza Akbarulla, who along with Ms. Poonacha, heard the grievances of the tribal people, said steps would be taken to redress them in a phased manner.

    Replying to a man from the tribal community who alleged that officials only gave promises to them and nothing else, Mr. Akbarulla said his efforts were sincere and that he and other officials would not have visited them during the night if it were otherwise.

    J.K. Thimma of the tribal community requested Ms. Poonacha to introduce regular buses to help tribal children reach schools in Kutta, Srimangala, Gonicoppa and other places.

    Members of the tribal community also demanded more kerosene and ration under the public distribution system as the existing ration was not sufficient.

    Tribal people sang revolutionary songs (Kranti Geete) and performed “Kolata” in the night to showcase their culture.

    The deputy secretary of the zilla panchayat, Basavarajappa, executive officers of the Virajpet amd Madikeri taluk panchayats, Nagaraj and Motappa, respectively, and Assistant Director of Kannada and Culture Department K. Damodar were present.

    The officials left while Ms. Poonacha and Ms. Muthama stayed in the house of J.K. Thimma and Bojamma.

    source: http://www.thehindu.com / The Hindu / Home> National> Karnataka / October 30th, 2009

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    Mumbai :

    Coorg Association which had remained behind the curtains for some time met again and celebrated its 97th annual ‘Puthari festival 2018’ (Harvest festival) here on January 6.

    Senior community leader and president of the association, Boppanda Appaji offered prayers to deity Iggutappa and Kaveri and set the celebrations in motion. Games, music, dances and entertainment programmes were held.

    Community men and women wore traditional attire. Trustees Pandanda Ramesh, Biddanda Jagdeep Nanjappa, Kuppanda Muddaiah, Napanda Ramesh, Biddanda Lekha Nanjappa, Kallichanda Aiyanna, Manepanda Somaiah and Managing Committee members Boppanda Appaji- president, Pandanda Pushpa – vice president, Kuppanda Kavita – vice president, Bollachettira Mandanna – secretary, Mukkatira Somaiah – joint secretary and Areda Raja – treasurer were present.

    Priya M Poovayyag and Kavya M Poovayyag sang a prayer song. Boppanda Appaji welcomed everyone. Pandanda Ramesh and Napanda Ramesh presented the details of the programme. Jaggi Manjayya, Akshay Chengayya, Mukuthira Somayya, Lekha Nanjappa and Nithin Chengayya introduced the guests. Balya Mediririra sang Kodava songs. Others conducted dances and cultural programmes. Honorary secretary Bollachettira Mandanna proposed the vote of thanks.

    source: http://www.daijiworld.com / Daijiworld.com / Home> Mumbai / by Ron Bantwal, Daijiworld Media Network, Mumbai (EP) / January 08th, 2018

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    Devaragundi Falls

    Devaragundi Falls

    Travelling to Nishani Motte and hiking there was on our bucket list for a long time. We had heard that the place is also called the ‘Leech Kingdom’ as it is surrounded by a large number of leeches during the Monsoon.

    On a Saturday early morning, I left Bengaluru with four of my friends for this interesting journey. We took the Hassan Road which is good to drive during the Monsoon months.

    The first stop we planned was the Devarakolli Falls, which is a few km after Madikeri on Madikeri-Mangalore Road.

    The Falls lie parallel to the main road and there are some shops for the travellers to have snacks. You can’t take bath in the Falls but it is a great place to shoot some good pictures.

    After the short break, we hit the road for beautiful Devaragundi Falls, which is exactly 13 km from Sampaje, and located in a village called Thodikana. You need to park the vehicle two km before the Falls and do a small trek of two km on a flat jeep track to reach the Falls, which is so majestically placed inside the forest and is easily accessible.

    To say the least, it was beautiful and gushing at the peak of Monsoon. Until January end, there is water for taking bath in the Falls but it gets dry during the peak of summer.

    However, one should keep an eye on the kids as the water gushing area is steep. We were informed about this by the local villagers.

    After a refreshing bath, we reached Mayura Cauvery in Bhagamandala to stay the night over.

    The rooms were decent enough. We had our dinner in the small village of Bhagamandala.

    Next day morning, we visited the forest office in Bhagamandala and got permission from the department to trek to Nishani Motte after paying a nominal entry fee and guide charges.

    There was also another group who joined us in the trek. The Nishani Motte trek is around five km in total. One has to hire a jeep or travel in their own vehicle to the base from the forest office. The base is around five to six km from the forest office. We started our trek around 9 am.

    The initial trek was a mild climb through estates and huge trees. In 20 minutes, we could see the grasslands and the leeches too. No wonder this place is called the ‘Leech Kingdom’ as thousands of leeches jumped over us.

    Two hours through the trek, we reached the peak which was misty and foggy. We enjoyed every minute of the trek exploring the greenery and escaping from the leeches.

    It started to rain during the last leg of our trek but it was an amazing experience to completely get drenched and enjoy the walk with friends.

    Finally, we reached the other side of the base. We had our jeep waiting for us to drop us back to the Forest Department office. We reached the forest office around 2.30 pm, had a great lunch and finally visited the Thalacauvery Temple which is just a 15-minute-drive from Bhagamandala.

    After visiting the Thalacauvery Temple, which is interestingly the birthplace of river Cauvery, we started our drive back to Bengaluru with lovely memories to cherish forever.

    (The author can be contacted at kavinkishore85@gmail.com)

    source: http://www.deccanherald.com / Deccan Herald / Home> Supplements> MetroLife / by Kavin Kishore/ January 03rd, 2018

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    January 3rd, 2018adminArts, Culture & Entertainment


    The popular host caters to EDM junkies in his latest digital show on Jukebox

    Nikhil Chinapa has been at the forefront of popularising dance music. He now dons a new avatar in the form of a host of a show titled ‘TGTR (Together) with Nikhil’ at Jukebox, BookMyShow’s audio entertainment platform. The hour -long show will have the VJ, DJ, festival curator and television host share interesting trivia on his favourite dance tracks, discuss the progress of EDM across the globe and also interact on the social media. Aditya Kuber, Associate Vice President of BookMyShow, talking about show says, “Nikhil Chinapa has been one of the pioneers of the EDM movement in India. He’s sure to entertain the EDM lovers, party goers and particularly the young crowd and enrich their music experience on show.” Excerpts from Nikhil’s interaction on hosting the show.

    Having hosted shows across various formats, what is the challenge in this digital attempt?

    TGTR doesn’t really feel like a challenge because it is an enormous playground. I have been involved in electronic music since the time I would go clubbing in the early 90s; this form of music gives me immense joy. I always wanted to share it with people who didn’t have access to it. So, after I joined MTV in 1997, we started throwing our own parties in Mumbai and created a brand called Submerge. BookMyShow and I worked together on the very first music festival I did in Goa in 2007 and have partnered on several music properties over the years. This opportunity is in line with what I always wanted to do from the early 90s — share music with a larger audience.

    Will it facilitate promotion of Indian talent?

    Music is music; as long as it is good, it will get played on Jukebox. There will also a focus on highlighting homegrown talent and artistes as we have seen production techniques in India improve and better productions coming out in the past two or three years. But the show is very much global, we will be focusing on playing nothing but great music every week.

    Won’t your absence on radio serve as a deterrent on TGTR?

    It’s exactly the opposite because you’re talking about people calling a radio station; on BookMyShow Jukebox, we are on a digital platform, people are already on their smartphones and will be responding via tweets, messages on Instagram and Facebook which is something they have already started doing. We have also introduced ‘The Instagram Question of the Week’ where we invite people to ask me a question on my Instagram page and I will be answering on Jukebox. The show is going to be far more interactive because it’s on the digital platform.

    How tough is it to maintain a show’s exclusivity amid so many other viewing/listening options?

    The fact that there are so many options and everything is available on the internet is exactly where the opportunity lies. The internet can be an extremely daunting place for someone who isn’t accustomed to it or is just curious about trying to find new music. That’s why more people are experimenting with music forms, art forms, and fashion which wasn’t really available to earlier . By creating curated playlists from trusted sources (like me), it becomes easier for someone to tap into the first level of dance music and then go on to explore on their own. Also during the show, I will be directing people to several places on the internet and several artists they can follow and hopefully we will be able to build a larger community together.

    How do digital streaming/talent portals contribute in encouraging newer talent?

    There are several success stories of people who have been discovered on digital platforms across the world. Being a musician in this era is an extremely exciting prospect because it allows a song writer or a music composer or a singer of quality to be discovered without the help of a god father or a large music label. I genuinely believe that if you have talent, you could be recording a song in your bedroom in New Zealand and posting it out and then it becomes a worldwide smash.

    source: http://www.thehindu.com / The Hindu / Home> Entertainment> Music / by Srivathsan Nadadhur / January 02nd, 2018

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    Coffee planter Manavattira Dore Somanna warned the district administration of locking up the entrance of Brahmagiri if the entry of public is not banned within a week.

    He further added that the Brahmagiri, the birthplace of river Cauvery has been converted into an abode of illegal activities. “Tourists have been spoiling the sanctity of the place by littering it with garbage. This will affect the purity of river Cauvery.”

    He said that the district administration should also ban the illegal shops near Talacauvery. Tourists should be banned from discarding the food leftovers at the Triveni Sangama in Bhagamandala. CCTV camera should be installed to monitor the activities of people. Additional staff should be deployed at the spiritual destination to perform the religious rituals smoothly. Also, the temple should conduct the ‘Ashtamangala Prashne’, he added.

    Badumanda Muttappa, Padiyammanda Yogish Monnammaiah, Manavattira Papu Changappa and Manavattira Harish Biddappa were present in the press meet.

    source: http://www.deccanherald.com / Deccan Herald / Home> District / DH News Service / Napoklu – January 01st, 2018

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    Star Indian badminton player and Olympian Ashwini Ponnappa has been chosen as the ‘Coorg Person of the year, 2017,’ in a poll conducted by www.coorgtourisminfo.com, Kodagu’s first news portal, promoted by senior journalist P T Bopanna.

    A release said that what clinched her the title besides her sporting achievements was Ashwini’s decision to marry a fellow Kodava instead of marrying outside her community.

    Ashwini had won a gold medal in the women’s doubles event of the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games.

    There was much rejoicing recently in the small Kodava community following Ashwini’s decision to marry a Kodava. Ashwini, who belongs to the Machimanda clan married model Ponnachettira Karan Medappa.

    The close-knit Kodavas (Coorgs) who number less than two lakhs have been worried by the recent trend of community members marrying non-Kodavas.

    Iychettira Ravi Somaiah who has built a sports facility for the public near Kushalanagar in Kodagu was also nominated for the title.

    source: http://www.deccanherald.com / Deccan Herald / Home> District / by DH News Service / Madikeri – January 01st, 2018

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    The coffee land is all set to witness the 80th Kannada literary meet scheduled to begin on January 7, after a long gap of 32 years. Earlier, Madikeri has witnessed two literary meets – the 18th literary meet in 1932 under the leadership of D V Gundappa and the 54th literary meet in 1982 under the leadership of Dr Shambha Joshi.

    Interestingly, despite being one of the smallest districts in Karnataka, it has a wide variety of culture as well as languages that include Kodava, Arebashe Gowda and Malayalam, yet the region has managed to retain the flavour of State language.

    If one goes down the pages of history, the little district with unique weather and culture has contributed immensely for the development of Kannada language. The Ganga – Kongwala – Hoysala and Haleri dynasties, perhaps laid the strong foundation for Kannada through inscriptions way back in the 9th century. In the 10th century, Nagaverma had created ‘Chandombudi’ and ‘Punyashrava,’ according to the reference available at ‘Kodagu Sahithya – Sanskrithi Darshana,’ published by Kodagu District Kannada Sahithya Parishat.

    During the Chengalva dynasty, the third Mangarasa had published ‘Jayanrupa Kavya’ and ‘Samyukta Kaumudi’ (1508), while his cousin Nanjunda had written ‘Kumara Ramana Kathe.’

    There are documents to prove that the first epic ‘Rama Vijaya Kavya’ was written by Devappa, a Jain poet in 1540. Similarly, Dodda Veera Rajendra, who ruled Kodagu between 1789 and 1809, has the credit of documenting history titled ‘Rajendra Name’ in Kannada. The II Linga Rajendra, who ruled Kodagu between 1810 and 1820 had written a book pertaining to land in Kodagu entitled ‘Lingarajana Shisthu.’

    The 19th century

    The leading name of 19th century pertaining to literature is that of Panje Mangesh Rao, who served as a teacher in Kodagu in 1920s. He had penned poems pertaining to Hutthari festivities among other literary works. In fact, he was the president of All India Kannada literary meet held in Raichur in 1934.

    Haradasa Appacchha Kavi, popularly known as the Adi Kavi of Kodagu had penned many plays including ‘Savithri,’ ‘Yayathi,’ ‘Kaveri’ and ‘Subramanya’ in Kodava language. The same were translated to Kannada language by Dr I M Muttanna, who also hailed from Kodagu.

    Kodagina Gowramma

    The first woman story writer in Kannada literary field, Gowramma, hailed from Kodagu and she is known as ‘Kodagina Gowramma.’ Born in Madikeri in 1912, she did her early schooling in Madikeri and married to B T Gopalakrishna in 1928.

    From 1931, she wrote a number of articles and stories in the name of ‘Mrs G T G Krishna’. Most of her stories were based on the theme of women’s problems. However, she passed away in 1940 when she was just 28 years old. When Mahathma Gandiji arrived at Kodagu, she had invited Gandhiji to her home and she had donated her jewellery for the cause of freedom.


    A teacher by profession, ‘Bharathisutha’ was the pen name of S R Narayana Rao. Based on the life story of Kodagu ruler Siribai Dodda Veerappa, he had written ‘Huliya Haalina Mevu,’ which was later made into a film by the same name.

    His other stories too have been made into films and they include ‘Girikanye,’ ‘Edakallu Guddada Mele’ and ‘Bayalu Daari’ among others. His work on ‘Solle Haraduva Rogagalu’ (Diseases transmitted by mosquitoes) and ‘Giliyu Panjaradolilla’ (The parrot is not in the cage) earned him Central government award and Karnataka Sahithya Academy award respectively.

    Kittel’s footsteps

    Rev Fr Ferdinand Kittel, who contributed immensely to the field of Kannada literature has left indelible marks in Kodagu, prominent among them include the Kannada – English dictionary.
    A German missionary, who served in Kodagu church (presently knownn as Shanthi church) between 1871 and 1876, was the first parish priest of the church. Rev Kittel started learning Kannada after going around the coffee land, says the present parish priest of the church.

    DH News Service

    source: http://www.deccanherald.com / Deccan Herald / Home> District / by Srikanth Kallammanavar / Madikeri – DHNS, January 05th, 2014

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