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    Mysore :

    Sudden depression in bay of Bengal coupled with intensified south west monsoon has brought cheers on the farmers and water resource officials as the region failed to receive much rain last week. On Monday suddenly the skies opened up and rain started pouring .

    Meanwhile, Kodagu district administration has declared holiday for the schools and colleges on Tuesday in the wake of heavy rain being witnessed by the region. Even Mysore district received rain on Monday.

    Along with the farmers , the engineers of the water resource department who were worried about the dwindled inflow into the dams are a relived lot with the inflow into all the four dams in the Cauvery delta increasing considerably.

    Especially the inflow into KRS dam which slumped down to less than 3500 cusecs after a week of inflow ranging between 10000 and 15000 . This is expected to increase by tomorrow morning following heavy rain in Kodagu district , the core area of the Cauvery catchment . An engineer of the water resource department said the inflow into KRS dam was 3223 cusecs on Monday evening against an outflow of 1195 with the dam’s level standing at 79.96 ft against the maximum height 124.80 ft.

    However inflow is anticipated to rise considerably by tomorrow afternoon with the rain lashing the Cauvery catchment area , the engineer added.. According to director state meteorology department Puttanna though the Kodagu is yet to record heavy rainfall, district is expected to receive more rain in the coming days. “Today, the rain is more due to low pressure in bay of Bengal and from tomorrow onwards the monsoon rain will continue to occur” he added .

    Last year average rainfall in Kodagu in June was 375.6 mm, but this year it has recorded 498.4 mm rainfall and this has raised hopes of region receiving good rain this year . Even inflow into Kabini dam increased suddenly on Monday evening with inflow reaching 11968 cusecs with the water crossing 2275.50 ft mark against the dam’s maximum height of 2284. A dam engineer told TOI that the inflow may increase and cross 16000 cusecs by Tuesday morning due to reports of Kerala’s Waynad district receiving heavy rain in the last 12 hours. Even the water level in the Harangi dam is slowly inching towards it’s maximum height of 2859 ft with the level on Monday evening standing at 2831 .45 ft . with an inflow of 1095 cusecs . ” Water level in Kabini dam may reach it’s maximum level in next four five days if the inflow continues to remain at 16000 cusecs” the engineer added.

    source: http://www.articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com / The Times of India / Home> City> Mysore / by MB Maramkal, TNN / June 24th, 2013

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    Nikhil Chinappa does not like resting on his laurels. An accomplished DJ, VJ and an ambassador for electronic beats, he will now release his first compilation — Defected in the House India 2013, which specialises in house music. Emilie Fouquet gets the details…

    Tell us about ‘Defected in the House India 2013’.

    It is a two-disc compilation. One disc, ‘Deep Mix’, is more suitable to relax and make you smile. While the other, ‘Main Room’, is far more energetic and ‘dance’able. I intend to share house music in all its forms with as many people as possible. Music moves me emotionally, triggers happy memories and makes me want to dance, smile and believe. I hope it will do the same for the audience.

    Did you like the experience of doing a compilation?

    Absolutely! With this compilation, I have tried to make a musical journey, and I hope people will like it. Of course, I would love to do many more compilations, but with other people. Submerge Music (his company) will bring a musical experience with techno, electro, drum and bass.

    Are you going to perform in other countries too?

    I would love to, but my heart is in India.

    Your main sources of inspiration?

    Making a compilation is a difficult process. I mainly rely on my ears and my heart.

    Which song brings forth your best memories?

    That’s Rise of Angel by Luciano. This song is very long — 16 minutes — and is so beautiful, it reminds me of a friend.

    Which songs are you listening to currently?

    You won’t believe me but I have no music on my earphones. There is so much music that comes on, that it is difficult to hang on to one with all this pressure.

    Any other projects for the moment?

    You know, I wear different hats. I’m the founder of Submerge and for the moment it is working on some alliances. I am also a member of the Association of Electronic Music. They believe India is a key market so they asked me to represent the country. It is aimed at promoting dance music globally, with a strong emphasis on education, and doing events in a responsible manner and so.

    source: http://www.sakaaltimes.com / Sakal Times / Home> Youngistan> Detail News / Monday – June 24th, 2013

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    DC declares holiday for schools, colleges today

    The inflow of water into Harangi reservoir has increased following copious rainfall in various parts of the district on Tuesday.

    KodaguKF27jun2013Madikeri, Napoklu, Sampaje, Bhagamandala, Virajpet, Srimangala, Shanthalli recorded more than 100 mm rainfall.

    The house belonging to M C Changappa was partially damaged in Kunjila village. Another house in Bellur village was also damaged in the rainfall. Cauvery, Lakshmanatheertha, Hemavathi, Harangi, Barapole, Chiklihole rivers are in spate following incessant rainfall in the region.

    With rain water flowing on road, the movement of vehicles on Napoklu-Moornadu road has been disrupted. Flood water has inundated road at Bhagamandala. If the region continues to receive rainfall, then road will be cut off from the rest of the world. A minor bridge in Balamuri is inundated in flood water. Water has entered paddy fields in Balamuri.

    In the last 24 hours, the district received an average of 91.91 mm rainfall. This includes Madikeri—121 mm, Virajpet—90.15 mm and Somwarpet taluk—64.75 mm.
    Rains received in hobli centres are as follows: Madikeri kasaba—100 mm, Napoklu—110.8 mm, Sampaje—132.2 mm, Bhagamandala—150 mm, Virajpet kasaba—127.4 mm, Hudikeri—38.1 mm, Kodlipete—40 mm, Kushalnagar—24.4 mm, and Suntikoppa—62.3 mm rainfall.


    With heavy rains lashing Mudigere, rain water has entered into fields in Kesavalalu and Uggehalli. If the region continues to get rainfall, then houses will also be inundated.
    Paddy saplings kept ready for transplantation in the fields have been inundated at Banakal, Baggasagodu, Horatti, Mugrahalli, Kithlegandi, Bettadamane and Gonibeedu.

    Work in the coffee estates have been suspended following heavy rainfall. With rains lashing catchment areas, Bhadra and Somavathi rivers are in spate in Kalasa.

    source: http://www.deccanherald.com / Deccan Herald / Home> District / Madikeri – DHNS / June 25th, 2013

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    Bangalore :

    Indian coffee estates are moving slowly to gain US’ roasters interest.

    As a first step, the Sethuraman Estates located at Magundi in Chikmagalur after showcasing its produce at various speciality coffee events in the US has now become the first Indian coffee estate to get ‘R Grade’ certificate.

    ‘R Grade’ certificate are given for washed robusta coffees by the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) which is an arm of Speciality Coffee Association of America (SCAA).

    getting premium

    The SCAA recently tested Sethuraman Estate’s robusta coffee submission at the CQI and found to have all the required quality parameters. This certificate facilitates the estate to sell and charge a high premium in the US .

    The certificate and recognition allows Sethuraman Estates to sell its entire submission of 15 tonnes speciality robusta in the US market spread over a year by using the CQI and SCAA logo.

    “The ‘single-origin estate-branded’ coffee of Sethuram Estates has so far fetched a premium of over 30 per cent over the domestic market prices. Currently the domestic washed robusta coffees is trading at Rs 145 a kg,” said Nishant R. Gurjer, Managing Partner, Sethuraman Estates.

    entering US

    “This certificate and recognition will allow us to enter the lucrative US café market as well,” he added.

    The Sethuraman estate located at Chikmagalur began in operations in the 1950s. In the US market, the company is marketing estate-branded coffees – the Sitara Parchment Robusta and the Ne Plus Ultra of Robusta coffee brands.

    The US, a traditionally arabica-consuming country, is slowly replacing it with robusta coffees and few companies have initiated moves to source from various countries for create blends.

    shift to robusta

    This has led to the Coffee Quality Institute, which used to certify only Arabica coffees, now has introduced separate certification for robusta coffees.


    According to the institute’s finding of Sethuraman Estates, the following are the rating with baseline score of 7.14. Aroma 7.58 , flavour 7.42, aftertaste 7.42, acidity 7.83, mouth feel 7.42, balance 7.50, Uniformity 10, clean cup 10 Sweetness 7.42 cupper points 7.58.

    Gurjer said, “We entered the US market in 2006 by exporting just two containers (36 tonnes) and so far have reached the level of 8 containers (144 tonnes) of speciality robusta coffees.”

    source: http://www.thehindubusinessline.com / Business Line / Home / by Anil Urs anil.u@thehindu.co.in / Bangalore – June 21st, 2013

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    June 24th, 2013adminEducation

    Mangalore University has decided to open its second post-graduation study centre at Belapu in Udupi district, provided the government allots land for it. Its first post-graduation study centre is coming up at Chikkaluvaru in Kodagu district.

    The syndicate, the highest decision making body of the university, at its meeting on Saturday, decided that the university could open its second post-graduation study centre on 25 acres of land at Belapu, sources in the university said.

    The syndicate accepted the recommendations of a committee headed by K.K. Achary, former acting vice-chancellor of the university and chairperson of the Department of Statistics. The committee, constituted by Vice-Chancellor T.C. Shivashankara Murthy to identify the land for the centre and study other feasibility factors, had recommended that the centre could come up at Belapu instead of on 15 acres in Kolalagiri in the same district, sources said.

    They said that after inspecting both the places, the committee had concluded that instead of the hilly Kolalagiri, the relatively plain Belapu area was a more suited for the centre.

    Sources said that immediately after the syndicate’s approval, the university sent an e-mail to the Deputy Commissioner of Udupi conveying the decision of the syndicate and seeking the allotment of land.

    MU to offer PG in more subjects

    Mangalore University will offer post-graduation courses in chemistry, economics, and commerce at its post-graduation study centre at Chikkaluvarau in Kodagu district from 2014-15, said Vice-Chancellor T. C. Shivashankara Murthy.

    Initially, the university wanted to open a post-graduation course in environmental sciences at Chikkaluvaru centre. But considering that it would not have much takers and scope, the university has decided to offer a course in chemistry as there are more takers for the subject and its post-graduates have wide scope for employment.

    source: http://www.thehindu.com / The Hindu / Home> News> Cities> Mangalore / by The Hindu Special Correspondent / Mangalore – June 24th, 2013

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    June 23rd, 2013adminArts, Culture & Entertainment

    Dakshin at Welcom Hotel Sheraton New Delhi is hosting an interesting Coorg food promotion

    Being a food enthusiast, I am always on the look out for something special and innovative. Though from my experience, I would say small towns and nondescript areas can any day throw up a surprise in terms of a great dish. That way, much of our regional food is yet to be explored. Say in Mughlai food, I would rather go for Rampuri and Bhopali delicacies instead of the more well known Lucknowi fare.

    Hoping to exploring something similar but in South Indian cuisine, I recently went to Welcom Hotel Sheraton New Delhi in Saket. It was to taste food at its ongoing Coorg food promotion at the South Indian specialty restaurant Dakshin.

    Coorg, also known as Kodagu, is the smallest district of Karnataka. People of Kodagu are considered descendants of Alexander The Great and are mainly non-vegetarians, highly influenced by the region’s geography and culture. Chef Vel Murugan, who extensively travelled through the Coorg region to get authentic delicacies, said, “Coorgs are very cautious about handing over their recipes, they often keep them a secret.”

    Well, the curiosity created by the Chef tempted me all the more to go for it. As usual, whenever I dine at Dakshin, I start with a glass of sweet coconut water instead of any colourful mocktail. I did ditto. Before the starters were served, I munched on to the papads which are served to me with some five variants of chutneys. And I tell you, each variant was worth a try.

    Without any further delay, my prawns rave fry arrived. Very lightly battered fried, the prawns were not crispy but perfectly crunchy due to a thin layer of semolina. Lacked a bit on seasoning but the chutneys balanced it. Though not a great fan of vegetarian food, I tasted koomu barthad, a spicy stir fried mushroom dish tossed with onion and bell peppers.

    Next came the main course. I was served two delicious delicacies, one made of chicken and the other lamb based. Koli mangyepajji was light and smooth having boneless chicken cooked in green chilli and raw mango with drumsticks. But it was yerachye, a mutton delicacy, which was too good. Made with dry pepper, the mutton was tender and flavourful. I ate both the dishes with paaputtu, a bread made with rice and coconut. Paaputtu was spongy and tasty.

    To end on a sweeter note, the Chef offered me mangai rasayana, a mango puree and milk dessert but, as always I went for the almond halwa without which my meal at Dakshin would never be complete.

    When – June 21 to 30

    Meal for two – Rs. 3500 plus taxes

    source: http://www.thehindu.com / The Hindu / Home> Features> MetroPlus> Food / by Osama Jalati / New Delhi – June 21sgt, 2013

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    June 22nd, 2013adminArts, Culture & Entertainment

    Nikhil Chinapa

    MTV mascot, DJ, VJ, promoter, festival director, radio host, dance music fanatic: Nikhil Chinapa is all of these things and more. But underneath all the various avatars he’s worn in his career, Nikhil is one thing: a believer. A believer that nothing brings people together like dance music. An ambassador for electronic beats and club culture, Nikhil is constantly pushing India as a future dance music capital to some of the world’s most celebrated artists. In the last year alone, Nikhil has persuaded Fatboy Slim, Above & Beyond, Swedish House Mafia, Armin van Buuren, and Tiesto to bring landmark events to Indian ears.

    Next time you're out clubbing, keep an open mind about the music

    Next time you’re out clubbing, keep an open mind about the music

    Last week in Delhi, I played a show alongside Funkagenda.

    Something happened at the gig that illustrated a broader trend I’ve been seeing in the dance music community over the past few months – something I’m a little concerned about.

    There was a gentleman in the audience who spent most of the evening standing with his arms crossed, looking a bit bored.

    Then, when Funkagenda played “Spectrum” (a hit track by Zedd that’s become one of the biggest tunes of 2013), this gentleman opened his arms wide, closed his eyes, and sang the song – every single word – as loudly as he could. It was amazing to see him share that enthusiasm with us.

    The confusing thing was his extremely muted reaction to the other music that Funkagenda had played. It was almost as if the gentleman in the crowd wasn’t there to hear music that he hadn’t heard before – he was there, waiting for the one big track that he knew.

    This is a bit confusing to me. I fell in love with clubbing because to me, going out was about going on a journey with the DJ who was performing. It wasn’t about one or two particular standout tracks. It was about the experience of following the music as it lead us up and down, like a series of waves.

    As a DJ, the only thing I can ask for is that the clubbers who walk through the doors and onto the dance floor have an open mind. If they walk into the club with a pre-conceived idea of what they’re going to hear, or what to expect, then they’ll probably be disappointed.

    My question is: if clubbers go out with a set of tracks that they want to hear played by the DJ, what’s the point of going out? You can just as easily stay at home and play the tracks yourself.

    To me, the magic of going out to a nightclub lies in the sense of excitement and possibility. You don’t know what you’re going to hear, you don’t know what kind of journey the DJ is going to lead you on. You might hear a new song for the first time, a record that changes your life. You might even discover an entirely new genre, or style of music that you didn’t even know you liked.

    But when you go out thinking “I have a list of five songs that I hope the DJ plays,” you’re closing yourself off from the possibility of discovering new music, and new ideas.

    It’s a tough distinction to make – because people love the big records for a reason. These are the huge songs that become part of our lives, giving give us joy and happiness every time we listen to them. They’re hits because they’re great songs. A good DJ set usually includes one or two big tracks that everyone can sing along to.

    But the challenge is to get people to celebrate the big records without ignoring all the other songs that comprise a DJ set – to embrace the journey, not just the destination.

    source: http://www.idiva.com / i DIVA / Home> Entertainment / by Nikhil Chinapa / June 19th, 2013

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    Tribal peoples like the Soliga have been living with and protecting the wildlife in their forests for countless generations. / © Kalyan Varma/Survival

    Tribal peoples like the Soliga have been living with and protecting the wildlife in their forests for countless generations. /
    © Kalyan Varma/Survival

    A village belonging to the Soliga tribe in southern India has won an important court victory after its entire stock of honey – its key source of livelihood – was seized by local forestry officials in May. The community, with the support of local organizations, took the matter to court – and won.

    A Soliga man told Survival, ‘In my village, Hosapodu, we are very happy that we can continue with our work’.

    The confiscation of honey was in direct violation of the 2006 Indian Forest Rights Act, which recognizes the rights of India’s tribal peoples, such as the Soliga, to live in and from their forests, and protect and manage their land.

    Tribal peoples like the Soliga have been living with and protecting the wildlife in their forests for countless generations. However many forestry officials still believe that forest and tiger conservation requires the removal of all people from the forests. These prejudices often make foresters unwilling to respect tribal rights – especially the right to make a livelihood from the forest. The recent court victory exposes this injustice and the necessity for the rights of India’s tribes to be respected.

    The Soliga tribe of Karnataka made history in 2011 when their rights to their forests were recognized, even though they lie inside a tiger reserve. The community has been caring for the forest and harvesting its produce – including honey – for countless generations. After their rights were recognized one village established a collective to get a fair price for their honey.

    More Soliga villages are awaiting the recognition of their forest rights and local organizations Keystone, Atree and the Soliga Abhivriddhi Sangha (Soliga Peoples’ Collective) are supporting them in the process.

    Despite severe constraints from forestry officials, the Soliga remain determined to manage, harvest and protect their forests sustainably for current and future generations.

    source: http://www.survivalinternational.org / Survival / Home / June 19th, 2013

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    Landslides reported from various parts of the district
    The rains have intensified in Kodagu district. All taluks including Madikeri received heavy rainfall on Monday.

    The overflowing ponds, streams and rivers have brought smiles on the faces of farmers. Rise in the water level in Kootuhole check dam, Chikli and Harangi reservoirs have helped to solve water crisis in the district. Vehicle users were put to hardship on water logged roads.

    Landslides have been reported from different parts of the district. There has been disruption in power supply following damage to electric wires. Kodagu district recorded an average of 39.65 mm rainfall till 8 am on Monday, whereas that received on the same day last year was 25.65 mm. The district has received 560.28 mm rain from January till date, against 291.47 mm rain recorded last year. Madikeri taluk has received 56.40 mm rainfall in the last 24 hours, Virajpet taluk — 36.38 mm and Somwarpet taluk — 26.18 mm rainfall.

    The water level at Harangi reservoir on Monday was 2817.31 ft as against the maximum level of 2859 ft.

    Telemetric rain gauges

    Kodagu district has 48 telemetric rain gauges, of which 38 rain guages are functioning. The gauges are located at Sudarshan guest house, Avandur, Bhagamandala, Galibeedu, Karada, Mundrotu, Napoklu, Naladi, Sampaje, Talacauvery, Moornadu and Dabbadka in Madikeri taluk, Somwarpetm Koodige, Kushalnagar, Madapura, Shanivarsanthe, Suntikoppa, Harangi, Shanthalli, Soorlabi, Koodlipet in Somwarpet taluk, Virajpet, Ammathi, Kurchi, Karmadu, Kallalla, Maldare, Mathigodu, Moorkallu, Nagarahole, Ponnampet IB, Srimangala, Thithimathi, Siddhapura in Virajpet taluk.

    The telemetric centres at Karike, jail in Madikeri, Anekadu, Dubare, Huduguru, Kargodu in Somwarpet taluk, Balekovu, Devamachi, Makutta, Vatekolli in Virajpet taluk have been damaged.The State has proposed to install telemetric rain gauges in 98 gram panchayats in the district, of which 23 rain gauges have been already installed, said District Statistician Prameela.

    In the backdrop of heavy rains forecast by the meteorological department, Additional Deputy Commissioner (In-charge) G Prabhu, in a press release has said that head teachers have been entrusted with the responsibility of declaring holidays to schools.

    source: http://www.deccanherald.com / Deccan Herald / Home> District / DHNS – Madikeri, June 17th, 2013

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    Coffee Board, Central Coffee Research Institute (CCRI) conducts walk in interview for the recruitment of Senior Research Fellow posts in DBT sponsored project. Eligible candidates can attend walk in interview on 24-06-2013 at 10.30 AM. More details regarding educational qualifications, age limit, selection and application process are mentioned below…

    Coffee Board Vacancy details:

    Name of the Post: Senior Research Fellow

    Age Limit: Candidates upper age limit is 30 years as on 11-06-2013.

    Educational Qualification: Candidates must possess M.Sc or M.Sc (Agriculture) in Biotechnology or related subject in biological sciences from a reputed University.

    Selection Process: Candidates will be selected based on interview.

    How to Apply: Interested candidates can attend walk in interview along with application, bio-data, copies of all required certificates and same in original, passport size photograph held at The Divisional Head, Plant Biotechnology Division, Unit of CCRI, Dr.S. Radhakrishnan Road, Manasagangothri, Mysore-570006 on 24-06-2013 at 10.30 AM.

    Date & Time of Interview: 24-06-2013 at 10.30 AM

    For more details regarding age, qualifications, pay scale, selections and other information contact the Coffee Board .

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