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    September 29th, 2011adminCoffee News, Uncategorized

    Take note that Sept. 29 is National Coffee Day, a day when we should all get really wired on free coffee, skip work and participate in bicycle races and pony rides.

    OK, so maybe the free coffee is enough. Here’s where you can get it:

    1. 7-Eleven. The chain is giving away free medium cups of java from 7-11 a.m. in your time zone.

    2. Krispy Kreme. The stores are offering a free 12 oz. cup of House Blend Coffee all day tomorrow. Get on it!

    source: http://www.content.usatoday.com / by Whitney Matheson/ USA TODAY / September 28teh, 2011

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    September 29th, 2011adminArts, Culture & Entertainment


    Madikeri Dasara commenced on Wednesday according to its tradition, with four historical karagas taking off in a procession after various poojas were performed near Pampinkere.

    The festival is celebrated by the people as janothsava, which has a history of over 100 years. The nine-day celebrations is beautified by four karagas and 10 mantaps depicting the killing of demons by gods/goddess.

    Each mantap comprises of idols with a height of eight to 15 feet, which is set up at the front of a lighting board. The cost of building a mantap may touch Rs 3 to 5 lakh.

    The procession of these mantaps attracts lakh of devotees and viewers on the night on October 6, the Vijayadashami Day. Each of these mantap depicts historical stories from the Hindu mythology. The idols in the mantap are given movements to match the story.

    From Wednesday four karagas from the four Mariamma temples in town will move in a procession in different areas accompanied by traditional dancers and visitors.

    A team of Volaga, a type of band in Kodagu, also accompanies the karagas. The priests who take up the karagas are dressed in yellow coloured ‘kacche’ and have shaved heads. They also hold a knife in one hand and a wooden stick called the ‘bettha’ in the other.

    The Dasara committee has organized cultural programmes on all nine days starting Wednesday. Programmes will be held at the Kaveri Kalakshetra on the first six days the festival, while programmes will be conducted at Gandhi Maidan for the other days.
    On October 9, Vijayadashami Day, there will an orchestra from 9pm till 6am. The programme will conclude with a prize distribution ceremony for the three best mantaps. The state government has sanctioned Rs 50 lakh for Madikeri Dasara.

    source: http://www.timesofindia.indiatimes.com / Home> City > Mysore / TNN / September 28th, 2011

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    September 28th, 2011adminCoffee, Kodagu (Coorg)

    Nusli Wadia owned Bombay Burmah Trading Company’s (BBTC) outsourced coffee buying strategy has paid rich dividends. Through outsourced coffee, the company’s sales volume is rose 58.82 per cent to touch 1,655 tonnes during 2010-11 as compared to previous year.

    Outsourcing coffee is buying it from neighbouring estates/region and selling along with your own produce.

    Pulping is a specialized activity and small and medium growers find it hard and economically unviable to do on their estates. Hence the big companies like BBTC steps in to buy coffee fruits at farm gate.

    The company’s total sales in 2010-11 stood at 1,655 tonnes of which 891 tonnes was outsourced coffee. In 2009-10, total sales of the company stood at 1,042 tonnes of which, 998 were outsourced.

    BBTC in its Director’s report and Management Discussion and Analysis to its shareholders said “Due to a shortfall in world production and relatively high prices, there has been an opportunity to increase volumes through outsourced procurement. Cost efficiency and consistent quality standards are ensuring a better foot prints worldwide for our coffees.”

    “Due to failure of arabica crop in most producing countries, an aggressive strategy to procure outsource arabica is necessary and in progress,” it added.

    A planter familiar with outsourced coffee buying said “It is mainly robustas which are sold at farm gate in south Coorg, where big companies which have required infrastructure to pulp coffees buy them in large quantities to market it abroad as washed robustas.”

    “On the other hand, not much of arabica comes for outsourced buying for majority of arabica growers have their own pulpers to process on their estates,” he added.


    “Arabica, due to lower production worldwide, has done well throughout last year. The ICO prices are at a 34-year-high and we have achieved crop stability and are looking at an increased yield in the coming years. Indian robusta faced a crisis last calendar year due to increased production of washed coffees leading to erosion in premiums for the same. However, due to our consistent quality standards we have been able to sell all our produce and outsourced quantities above the average market prices.”


    “Arabicas will continue to be strong in the coming year and with increased crops in our estates and a more assertive outsourcing programme should improve volumes. Robusta markets have been buoyant in the last quarter of 2010-11 and as long as quality standards are maintained we will be able to realise better prices in the coming year.”

    source: http://www.thehindubusinessline.com / Kone> Agri-Biz / by Anil Urs / September 19th, 2011


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    September 28th, 2011adminCoffee News, Uncategorized

    UCC Coffee Museum

    This museum is arranged building from UCC Coffee Hall which was the one of the pavilions at Kobe Port Island Exposition from 1981. This is the only museum in Japan that has a theme of coffee. When the time of Expo, the coffee cup was motif of this building, but after the renewal of 1987, it changed to Islamic style that is looks like the mosque. There is main head office building of UCC is nearby that the museum is directory connected.

    It has display process of coffee which starts from origin of coffee, plantation, marketing, and processing that has explained in chronological order. And introduction to the culture of the coffee how you enjoy, and the history of UCC in film and panel, and you can also see the CM and the coffee-can design that has used before. The name of UCC was in animation drama Evangelion New Theatrical Edition: Break that there is the display of commemoration panel which has autograph of director and the person in charge of 2D digital work of the animation. UCC has been producing the coffee with can design of Evangelion’s characters called Eva-cans that somehow they are related with Evangelion.
    There is a coffee shop: Coffee Road where you can enjoy the coffee from all over the world, and the menu are special that you can only find in here. There are activities related to coffee that you can participate with the advanced reservation. The Coffee Seminars are held quite often that it is fun museum for coffee fans.

    Click on the photo for enlarged view

    Basic information

    Hours Museum 10:00~17:00 (Last admission 16:30)

    Coffee Shop 10:00~18:00 (Last order 17:30)


    Every Monday( If the Monday falls on holiday, it will be opened and next day will be closed)
    The following day of holiday
    New year holiday
    There might be some exceptional opening day.
    Check the official site for more details.

    Admission Fee

    Adult 210yen
    Child 100yen
    Coffee Shop: Coffee Road (coffee shop doesn’t require admission fee)


    Minatojimanakamachi 6 chome 6-2,
    Kobe Chuo-ku, Hyogo,
    650-0046 Japan

    Kobe Shin-Kotsu Port Island Line: Minami-Kouen-eki

    Website  http://www.ucc.co.jp/museum/

    source: http://www.jin.jcic.or.jp / Home> Kobe Travel Guide /


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    Kids INK, a one-day conference that opens up new vistas of art, science and culture to students in the City, is being held on September 24, 10 am to 3 pm at Alliance Francaise.
    Mesmerising: Ugesh Sarcar, a street magician, will perform during the conference. The conference will include speeches, performances and workshops which will give students exposure to different forms of visual arts, writing, as well as science and technology. 

    The speakers for the conference include well-known names such as cricketer Robin Uthappa; Shantanu Moitra, the music composer for the film 3 Idiots; street magician Ugesh Sarcar and Shailaja Gupta, creative designer of Shah Rukh Khan’s new movie Ra.One.

    It will also include accomplished individuals doing various interesting things, like Heer Singh, who teaches break dance to slum children.

    About the conference, a representative from Kids INK, and one of the organisers of the event, said that it was created with the intention of exploring the overall potential of children. “Most kids go to schools that have a strict curriculum but it’s important to give them an overall perspective as well. We honestly believe that children are very smart, and we were trying to figure out different ways to inspire them and get them to think out of the box,” she explained.

    And the best way to do that, it was decided, was to bring them into contact with different speakers who could talk to students about how they started off with their careers.

    “Robin Uthappa didn’t just start off being Robin Uthappa. He must have put in hours of practice and training to reach where he is. We wanted to include different people who would talk to the children about how important the journey itself is,”
    she said.

    While the conference includes some prominent names in the fields of art, science and sports, there were a few factors that INK had to keep in mind while organising it.

    Since children do not like sitting down and listening to talks for a long period of time, the organisers of Kids INK have included afternoon workshops in the programme.

    In fact, one of the participants will be Aravind Gupta, who will show the children how to conduct scientific experiments simply by using everyday trash.

    Kids INK will also make an effort to encourage parent-child bonding. The workshops and talks include the parents of the participating children as well. As one of the organisers elaborated, “We are trying to initiate conversations between parents and children, and remove the disconnect that exists between them.”

    source: http://www.DeccanHerald.com / Home> Supplements> Metrolife / by DHNS

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    September 26th, 2011adminArts, Culture & Entertainment

    A Sunday walk through Victoria Park in Kitchener is a delight. But the pleasure is doubled every September when The Word on the Street Book & Magazine Festival takes over Jubilee Drive, which winds through the downtown greenspace.

    Sunday’s festival (Sept. 25) is the tenth and one of six Word on the Street events being held across Canada — also in Vancouver, Lethbridge, Saskatoon, Halifax and Toronto. Admission is free and the Kitchener event runs from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    In addition to the events in several big tents, the street is lined with vendors and exhibitors — most of them relating to reading and literacy, including individual authors and small publishers selling copies of their books. Chapters will have a table of books for sale, including many written by authors who will be reading from their works during the afternoon.

    Among the writers speaking at the CTV Authors Tent are:

    • Trevor Cole, a Hamilton writer who was born and raised in Waterloo Region. Two of his novels have been finalists for the annual Governor General’s Award and his most recent novel, Practical Jean, won the 2010 Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour.

    • Sarita Mandanna, a Toronto writer who has an MBA from the Wharton School of Business and has worked as an investment banker. Her novel Tiger Hills is set in India and follows the lives of two childhood friends.

    • Ross Pennie, a physician and infectious-disease specialist in Brantford who has written two medical crime fiction tales, Tampered and Tainted, both set in Hamilton where Pennie is an instructor at McMaster University.


    source: http://www.TheRecord.com / by Jon Fear, Record Staff / Friday, September 23rd, 2011

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    Situated in Karnataka, the southern state of India amidst the massive Western Ghats of the Sahyadri Mountains is a picturesque region of Kodagu (Coorg is the angelical term for Kodagu). Coorg is famously known for its scenic marvel, especially since it’s a calm hilly region with the hues of green caused because of the vast stretches of trees and forest. The Kaveri River that flows through this district also adds more beauty to this place.

    Coffee and Coorg

    Coorg and CoffeeThe district of Coorg is one of the largest and the first Coffee producing districts in India and the Coffee from Coorg is suppose to be one of the richest in the world. Coffeea robusta is a commonly found variety of Coffee in Coorg. One of the other varieties of Coffee produced in this region is Coffeea Arabica. The Coffee plantations also cultivate crops like vanilla, black pepper, and Cardamom.

    Coffee Planation in CoorgThe vast natural forests are a great source of forest reserve and thus making Coorg an apt region for cultivation of variety of crops.

    Flora and Fauna

    Coorg is gifted with a rich variety of flora and fauna. The three wildlife sanctuaries Brahmagiri Wildlife SanctuaryPushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary,Talakaveri Wildlife Sanctuary, and one national park Nagarahole National Park have several species of animal like leopard, tigers, Asian Elephants, boars and deer.

    Flora and Fauna - CoorgThe flora of the jungle is like none another, with trees like the thickly wooded bamboo, Iron wood, Indian Mahogany, Sandal wood, Ebony and much more the forests of Coorg are generously gifted.

    Wildlife in CoorgIf luck favours you while driving through Nagarhole National Park you may sometime get to see wildlife like Chitals, Elephants, Bisons and Sambar.

    Cultures and Traditions of the Coorgi’s

    Kodava Pandi CurryThe people of Coorg have a distinctive culture much different from that of people from other parts of India. Known much for their hospitality and their love for weapons the people of Coorg are very welcoming and would be more than happy to have you around. If you are fortunate you could savour the famous delicacy of Coorg, Pork cooked in vinegar that has been extracted from wild berries.

    The people of Coorg worship nature and their ancestors. They have high regards for the holy River Kaveri and consider it to be their mother and their provider.

    A mother is also held at the highest regards in the Coorg community. A mothers blessing is considered of utmost importance and unlike other Hindu communities widows in the Coorg community can still participate in joyous events.

    Coorgi’s also have a very distinctive way of dressing up. Men dress up in coats that hang down to their knees, paired with a turban or a white and red checked scarf. The saree that is worn by the women of Coorg is tucked in the back unlike the typical Indian way of tucking the pleats in the front.

    Best place to Stay

    If you are looking to enjoy the true beauty of coorg and to experience their culture first hand what better way than to opt to stay in a Homestay. Not only is Homestay one of the most economical way option of staying in Coorg it also comes with many added benefits. We offer you a variety of Homestay options in Coorg.

    Eco HabitatOne of the best place to stay in Coorg is Eco Habitat, situated very close to river Kaveri. It’s a beautiful coconut farm intercropped with Vanilla & Cardamom. There is small dairy farm in Eco Habitat which takes care of all the dairy needs as well as bio gas for the kitchen.


    Bird of Paradise


    The Ahana Group stay In Coorg is a one of kind Estate stay amidst one of the numerous Coffee plantations in Coorg.

    The Birds of Paradise is another Homestay option you cannot overlook. This seven acre estate will entice you with its scenic beauty and the gushing sound of Kaveri River that passes right through it With nothing but nature all around you this is a great place to unwind.

    What To Do

    Whether you are alone or with your friends, driving to the Raja Seat is one of the most relaxing and picturesque experience. The valley could be rebuffed with fog thus blocking your view in the winters but the distant mountains and the drizzle of the cold morning could be soothing and elating.

    Irpu FallIrpu FallIrpu is a beautiful waterfall which makes it way from the Brahmagiri hills which is also the place where the Laxamana Teertha River originates.

    TrekkingTrekking is one of the most popular forms of sport in Coorg. Coorg has extremely rugged land area thus making it a hotspot for trekkers who could trek to many summits and pave their way through dense jungles. Trekking is also a very dangerous sport hence it is highly recommended that you have done all your preparations well. The winters could bring the temperatures near the peak to freezing points hence it is advisable that you are well equipped, summers could also lead to heat strokes.

    Abbi FallsAbbi waterfall located inside one of the private Coffee plantations is also one of the most visited tourist places in Coorg. It is not one of the most beautiful places in Coorg but you could give it a shot and see how it goes for you.

    BhagamandalaBhagamandala and Talakaveri are places of great importance for the Coorgi’s. Bhagamandala literally translates to ‘the meeting point of 3 small rivers which gives birth to River Kaveri.

    The Medikere Fort also attracts many tourists. Once made out of mud it was rebuilt by Tipu Sultan who used stone to construct the structure.

    BylakuppeThe largest Tibetan settlement of Bylakuppe is located near Kushalnagar. There are numerous places to visit and see in Bylakuppe. Tibetan monasteries of great importance like Sera Je, Sera Mey and Namdroling Monastery are also located here. You could visit the monasteries and experience a totally difficult culture and witness the gold statues of Buddha which reflects the rich cultural heritage of Tibetans and earn yourself some good karma and peace of mind.

    If fishing is your forte you could visit the Valnur Fishing Camp and experience the joy of angling for the grand Masheers. Make sure you have received a permit for fishing from the Coorg wildlife Society. Valnur is also a delight for bird watchers and bird aficionado.


    Weather at CoorgThe best time to visit Coorg is in the between the months of September and March. The moderate temprarture of Coorg makes it a tourist hotspot for people from all around the world all year round. The winter time in Coorg could be a little chilly but it is still quite pleasant. The summer time heat makes it a welcoming place for tourists.

    Weather - CoorgMonsoons make Coorg a scenic wonder since the greenery is at its peak and the waterfalls across the town are vivacious. Dress according to the season when you plan to visit, pack light cotton clothes for summer and some woollens for the winter.

    Why Coorg

    CoorgBlessed with cosmic stretches of mountains, abundant tropical forests and the greenery of the trees, the small hamlets scattered across the mountains and the sweet smell lingering from the coffee and cardamom plantations makes Coorg one the most opted vacation getaway across India. If you are looking to get away from the stressful life of the city and get some fresh air, experience the lush foliage and relax in one the most peaceful places then Coorg is the right place to sit back and relax and enjoy the joy of being amidst nature.

    Getting to Coorg

    CoorgThe nearest airport to Coorg is Mangalore which is nearly 136 kms away. You could also head to Coorg directly from Bangalore airport which is 260 kms away. The nearest railway station to Coorg is Mysore and Mangalore which approximately the same distance away. There are buses from major cities across Karnataka to Madikere which is the closest bus stop to Coorg.

    If you want to be notified next time, subscribe to the RSS feed or say hello via Twitter @theotherhome. You can plan your dream holiday with us, visitThe Other Home.

    (Photo Courtesy: Kislaya Dube, Anuj Kumar and Nayyar Azam)

    source: http://www.en.paperblog.com / September 24th, 2011


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    September 24th, 2011adminArts, Culture & Entertainment



    Gurukrupa Sangeetha Kendra, founded by renowned singer and music director late Madikeri Nagendra, has organised a one-and-a-half day programme “Sangeetha Sambhrama” to commemorate its 10th anniversary on Sept. 24 and 25 at Jaganmohan Palace.

    The event starts at 5.30 pm on Sept. 24 with light music programme by the students of Gurukrupa comprising songs composed by famous poet N. S. Lakshminarayana Bhatta. It will be presided over by Dr. Hanumanna Nayaka Dore, Vice-Chancellor, Music University. N. S. Lakshminarayana Bhatta will be the chief guest. Vidushi B. R. Geetha will be felicitated on the occasion for her service in the field of classical and light music.

    The programme on Sept. 25 starts at 10 am with “Rangabhoomi haagu Rangageethegalu” comprising a lecture by Master Hirannaiah and Ranga-geethe recital by renowned stage artistes Vid. Paramashivan and Vid. Mandya Nagarajachar.

    This will be followed by “Kagga Magic” to be presented by film and television actor M. D. Kowshik. The programme presents DVG’s famous Mankutim-mana Kagga in the form of magic. At 4 pm, Vid. Pawagada Prakash’s lecture has been organised on “Bhakti Marga” along with devotional recitals by the students of Gurukrupa Kendra. The programme in the evening starts at 5.30 pm with “Bhaava Taranga”, a unique fusion of singing and painting presented by renowned painter B. K. S. Varma.

    Poets G. Ramanath Bhat, Nagarathna Hemmige, Jayappa Honnali and H. Sheshadri will also participate along with singers like Indrani Anantharam, Dr. A. D. Srinivasan, S. Suhasini, M. R. Sangeetha, Nishchay Vishwasena and K. Shreya. The “Bhaava Taranga” programme will be presided over by K.N. Annegowda, Asst. Director, Department of Kannada and Culture, Mysore. B. R. Shridhar, mridangam artiste, will be the chief guest.

    Entry to the programme is free.

    source: http://www.StarofMysore.com / General / September 22nd, 2011


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    The famous ‘teertodbhava’, emerging of the sacred or holy water from the tiny pond called ‘Brahmakundike’ at Talacauvery, foothills of the mighty Brahmagiri Hills in Kodagu, will occur at 11.43 p.m. on October 17 under the ‘Mithuna Lagna’.

    Kodagu Deputy Commissioner N.V. Prasad said this at the preliminary teertodbhava meeting at the Old Assembly Hall in Madikeri on Tuesday. The puja rituals concerning the teertodbhava would start from September 28 at both Bhagamandala and Talacauvery with the patreyalli akki hakuvudu (filling rice in the vessel) at 8.45 a.m. on September 28, Aajna Muhurta on October 5 and Akshaya Patra on October 13.

    Mr. Prasad gave a call to officials of all departments to take steps to ensure a successful teertodbhava. He instructed the Public Works Department engineers to repair the Madikeri-Bhagamandala-Talacauvery road a week ahead of the Cauvery jatra that ensued after the teertodbhava.

    He said the officials of the Chamundeshwari Electricity Supply Corporation (CESC) should make arrangements to avoid power disruptions. The Talacauvery-Bhagamandala Temple Committee should keep diesel generators as stand-by to meet emergencies since the occurrence was in the night, Mr. Prasad said.

    Sampath Kumar, Manager of the Temple Committee, said four generators would be kept ready to meet emergencies.

    Mr. Prasad said the KSRTC Depot Manager Lachme Gowda should take steps to provide buses to the devotees visiting the temples on the teertodbhava day and on other jatra days. Mr. Gowda said 30 buses had been deployed during the last year’s teertodabhava and jatra, and the same number would be available this year as well.

    Superintendent of Police Manjunath Annigeri said the police would regulate the movement of vehicles to and from Talacauvery in view of the lack of space for parking at Talacauvery. The Public Works Department should take steps to look into the parking problems, Mr. Annigeri said.

    Mr. Prasad told the Department of Health officials to equip themselves with medicines, ambulance, and related facilities to attend to health needs during the occasion.

    Additional Deputy Commissioner K.M. Chandre Gowda said this was a preliminary meeting and the Legislative Assembly Speaker and legislators would attend the next meeting to oversee the preparations. Every government department should cooperate to make the teertodbhava celebrations a success, Mr. Gowda said.

    Seven sub-committees, including reception, transport, cultural, and publicity, were formed on the occasion.

    Mr. Gowda asked the Assistant Director of the Department of Kannada and Culture to organise cultural programmes during teertodbhava at Talacauvery. The Karnataka Kodava Sahitya Academy president Iymudiyanda Rani Machaiah, Madikeri Deputy Conservator of Forests K.S. Anand, and Senior Assistant Commissioner M.R. Ravi, were present.

    source: http://www.thehindu.com / by Staff Correspondent / National> Karnataka / Mysore, September 21st, 2011

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    September 23rd, 2011adminArts, Culture & Entertainment

    Do guys think it’s cool to brag about their sexual exploits, or is it in bad taste? Also, do they mind their girlfriends discussing intimate details of their relationship with her female friends? We find out what men think.

    “I don’t kiss and tell, it just makes me uncomfortable,” says DJ Piyush Bajaj. “It’s something private that I never discuss even with my best buddies.”

    But there is no dearth of guys who do, he adds. “I’ve heard lots of guys talking about who they’ve ‘done’ and how many they’ve done. Not only is it disrespectful to women, I find that most of these guys are really frustrated losers.”

    As to women sharing details with their gal pals, Piyush says, “I’ve never heard a woman bragging about her conquests. So it’s a totally different kind of conversation.” However, actor Aditya Singh feels the rule applies to both men and women.

    The Sandalwood star states, “I never talk about the intimate details of my relationship with anyone no matter how close a friend is. I respect and protect my woman’s privacy and I expect her to do the same for me because it’s something personal.”

    As for men who like to discuss their sex lives with other guys, he says, “I think most of them just lie about it. Men have a complex when it comes to this topic and I feel many of their stories are just that — stories, to project a stud boy image.”

    However, model Zulfi Syed feels, to each his own. “Yes, men do reveal details about their sex lives, and so do women. In fact, I think women talk about it more often. I don’t think it’s a problem,” says Zulfi, who admits that he is in a relationship.

    IT professional Rohit K sums it up saying, “Many of us can’t resist dropping the occasional hint or comment about our nocturnal pursuits but as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, there’s no harm in it.”

    source: http://www.deccanchronicle.com / by Tenzin Dechen /DC / Home> Channels> Lifestyle> Others / September 21st, 2011

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