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    February 29th, 2016adminNri's / Pio's, Sports, World Opinion
    Team Coorg celebrate with the trophy. Photo - Supplied

    Team Coorg celebrate with the trophy. Photo – Supplied

    Muscat :

    Team Coorg Oman clinched the top honours at the Gulf Hockey Fiesta for Starcare Cup organised by United Thalessery Sports Club (UTSC) in association with Oman Hockey Association (OHA) at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex in Bausher on Friday.

    In an exciting final of the Asian Hockey Federation-recognised event, Team Coorg defeated Qatar Wanderers 4-1. The eventual champions scored two quick goals through Kavan and Pradhan Somanna to take 2-0 lead just five minutes into the match.

    Pradhan struck his second and team’s third goal in the 14th minute and a minute later Omani player Ali Salim made it 4-0.

    Qatar Wanderers managed to pull one back in the 16th minute.

    Earlier in the semifinals, Qatar Wanderers edged King Khan Hockey Club of Dubai for a 1-0 win while Team Coorg defeated UTSC 4-2.

    A total 12 teams, including seven from outside Oman, took part in the event, which was officially inaugurated by Indian Ambassador Indramani Pandey by hitting the ball to PR. Sreejesh, the Indian hockey team vice-captain and goalkeeper, who flew in from India to preside over the event as the chief guest.

    Later, the prize-distribution ceremony was graced by OHA’s former chief Dawood Al Raisi, present general secretary Mohammed Redha Taqi Al Lawati, popular hockey personality SAS Naqvi, Starcare Hospital vice-chairman C.M. Najeeb, CEO Dr Mohammed Naseem, ISD President Abdul Rahim, Indian School Muladha Principal SI Sheriff, Mohammed Riaz LLC Chairman Mohammed Riaz, Aziz of Al Jadeed Exchange, Oman hockey veterans Mohammed Shambeh Al Raisi and Abdulrahman.

    The best goalkeeper award went to Ahmad Alam, a former Pakistan goalkeeper and Olympian. Best defender award was claimed by Ali Salim of Team Coorg. Future player award went to Geroge Extel of Bahrain Hungry Humoours while Juniad of Qatar Wanderers was adjusted the man of the tournament award.

    During the ceremony, a raffle draw was conducted which saw several gifts presented includng two gold coins of eight grammes each, return air ticket to Sharjah and two return tickets to Mumbai.

    Starcare Hospital was the main sponsor for the event and the other sponsors were Mohammed Riaz LLC, Al Jadeed Exchange, Majan Distrubters, Foodlands Restaurant, Lynx, FAP, Al Nahla Solutions, Times of Oman and Gulf Madhyamam.

    source: http://www.timesofoman.com / Times of Oman / Home> Sports> Hockey / by Times News Service / February 28th, 2016

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    Star Indian doubles player hopes to get facility with four clay courts running by April


    Indian doubles ace Rohan Bopanna will launch his tennis academy in Bengaluru next month.

    35-year-old, who has struck a successful partnership with Romanian Florin Mergea on the ATP World Tour said that the focus of his academy will be on tapping talent in the 4 to 14 years age-group.

    The academy that will be located on the outskirts of the country’s IT capital, is a personal initiative from the Indian Davis Cup player.

    “I want to do this my way. I want the primary focus to be on fitness because that’s the most important factor in our sport today, also if the child then doesn’t want to play tennis, he or she can play another sport because they will already have the necessary early training,” Bopanna told Gulf News after he and Mergea had lost in the doubles to the veteran pairing of Daniel Nestor and Radek Stepanek.

    Bopanna disclosed that he is teaming up with former South African professional Piet Norval and fitness trainer Yash Pandey in his new venture.

    “Piet has done a fantastic job with kids back home in South Africa,” Bopanna said.

    “He will visit the facility once every month for a week. I want to focus on juniors to begin with and then see if I want to expand in the future. Right now it’s all about a wholesome exposure to children who want to play the sport. I’m only having clay courts now because it’s easier on the body, more so when kids are learning the sport,” the 35-year-old added.

    Bopanna will launch the academy with just four courts late next month before going into business probably a month later. “I’ve spoken to a lot of schools and the response so far has been very good. The idea is to get as many kids as possible playing the sport. The more the numbers, the greater our chances for success,” he said.

    Bopanna and Mergea, ranked 8 and 12 individually, and placed 14 as a team, haven’t had a great start to the new season. Last year, the pair surprised a few when they sailed into the doubles final at the season-ending Barclays ATP World Tour Finals held at the O2 Arena. After Dubai they are scheduled to play Indian Wells and Miami before they hit the European trail for the clay court stretch.

    source: http://www.gulfnews.com / Gulf News / Home> Sport> Tennis / by Alaric Gomes, Senior Reporter / February 27th, 2016

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    Says dancer & yoga exponent Yamini Muthanna

    Niranjan Nikam in conversation with Yamini Muthanna.

    Niranjan Nikam in conversation with Yamini Muthanna.

    Mysuru is the Ashtanga Yoga capital of the world, a sobriquet which is music to the ears of Mysureans, after the cleanest city tag for the second time. The city has also produced two of the finest yoga exponents in the world, B.K.S. Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois. However, there is one more Guru, who is quietly doing his bit on whom many discerning yoga practitioners swear — it is B.N.S. Iyengar.

    Bengaluru-based Yamini Muthanna, dancer and yoga exponent, is one such. She was in city recently to participate in the launch function of her book “The Power of Yoga” at Dhvanyaloka Open Air Theatre.

    After the book launch, organised by the Mysore Book Club, a first-of-its-kind experiment in Mysuru, Yamini, who gave a breath-taking yoga demonstration, shared her views on how the book shaped, the power of yoga, the undue importance for competitions and why everybody should practice yoga, with Senior Journalist N. Niranjan Nikam. Excerpts. — Ed

    by N. Niranjan Nikam

    SOM: We just saw your demonstration of yoga. I was thinking all the time, aren’t children the best yogis because their body is so flexible. How is it that we lose all that and only when we see people like you, we say to ourselves, “I wish I was like her — flexible, elastic and graceful.”

    Yamini Muthanna: Children are natural Yogis. They are so free in their mind and body so the Asanas are easy for them. They do not have points of resistance either in their body and mind due to stress or tension that an adult might have. Therefore, I personally feel that flexibility in a Yoga Asana practice is a product of freeing the body and mind rather than putting in a lot of imposed effort. Anybody can train to be flexible with proper training of the body and freedom in mind. Yoga Asanas are patterned so beautifully that the body can be slowly animated into an Asana with proper judgement and care.

    SOM: Yamini, you started yoga at a young age and you have come a long way. What made you write “The Power of Yoga?”

    Yamini: My practice of Yoga has been extremely beneficial for me in all circumstances of my life. It helped me cope during my teenage through motherhood. I have been in constant touch with my body and mind and Yoga has helped me to be always aware. Once I started teaching from 2001 onwards, I noticed it was helping my students also to deal with situations better than how they used to handle things before they started practice. I started documenting their progress and started prescribing need-based specific practice sessions. It was helping my students and, therefore, I decided to share it for a larger group of yoga enthusiasts. My message in the book is you can choose your daily practice according to your day’s needs and have tried to explain how it works.

    SOM: I learnt a little bit of yoga about 25 years ago from a Guru here. Later, I practiced for quite some time with the book, “Light on Yoga,” by B.K.S. Iyengar. Your book is equally interesting as you make it look very simple, how far have you come?

    Yamini: Guru B.K.S Iyengar’s book is my Bible for my personal Asana study. He has set the benchmark of perfection in the Asanas and I am yet to come across another book equal to that of “Light on Yoga.” The book has been my Guru ever since I started personal practice. I did personal practice from 1996 to 2001 before I started to teach. I did a thorough study of the book, summarised by Guru B.N.S. Iyengar’s teachings and built up my practice, experimented my understanding and documented them in a way which would be easy for a Yoga Practitioner to comprehend. My book is not about loads of information but it is a guide to delve deeper in the practice by triggering a curiosity.

    SOM: Yamini, you were talking to me about angles and Trikonasana which is the cover page that has caught you in action is such a perfect pose. Share a little about angles and sequences with our audience.

    Yamini: I have a strong understanding that Yoga Asanas are geometric patterns from the Sri Chakra Yantra. I do not want to go to the details of it as I do not have proof and specific information about it. Just as Guru B.N.S.Iyengar mentioned in his speech earlier that the body will get chiselled into a fine cut diamond with perfect glitter in the body with the practice of Asanas and Pranayama. I would like to add that perfect geometry exists in pyramids and prisms also creating certain beneficial energy source forming specific benefits in the universe. It is in the same lines I personally feel that Asanas are also patterned to generate specific benefit to the body. Therefore, it is very important to maintain perfect lines in an Asana construction.

    SOM: You have talked at length about asanas, chakras, mudras, pranayama and their benefits, all with photographs and you yourself doing each one of them. However, you have not mentioned time needed for each asana, or have I missed it?

    Yamini: No I have not gone too much into the details of these deeper practices of Hatha Yoga as I do not want practitioners to try them on their own with the help of a book as they could be dangerous. It is very important that their first instruction comes from a Guru. I have just mentioned them as an information guide into the future practice.

    SOM: You said that you do not believe in giving certificates. I would like to share my experience — I had written a story about yoga talking to a teacher about four years ago titled “Posturing ‘Olympics’ (op)position.” I had read an article in Deccan Herald about a move to include yoga performance in Olympics. The yoga teacher had opposed this idea and I had even quoted that B.K.S. Iyengar was also not in its favour. You yourself and a few noted yoga exponents including Sharath Jois, grandson of Pattabhi Jois, whom I met the other day does not favour it. When I sourced this article of mine which I had promptly forgotten, after four years, I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were 39 comments on it but all blasting me away to glory.

    Yamini: I do not agree that Yoga Asana be treated as sports. Yoga is all about a personal well-being routine rather than challenge or competition. Your practice is your personal journey and you don’t need to get a medal or stand on a victory stand to announce your success. You silently practice yoga and reap the glory of the practice by using it in life and your routine mundane activities. It’s not sports.

    SOM: But you yourself had participated in competitions earlier. In fact that is how you started your tryst with yoga.

    Yamini: I did go for two competitions in 1986 and 1987, won the championships and understood it was a mistake. Master was also not too pleased by it. I did not inform him before entering the contest, because I knew he would not let me. I was sorry for a long time for that mistake.

    SOM: What is the difference between a Nadia Comãneci’s perfect ten and yoga postures is the question many ask? Can you highlight the difference?

    Yamini: Well, I am going to answer this in brief. Gymnasts use a lot of kinetic energy in their postures and expel a lot of force and energy to get into their perfect positions. Yoga uses potential energy with holds and binds in the asanas conserving energy. So some of the postures look the same but the benefits and the source of construction are different in both Yoga and Gymnastics.

    SOM: Yamini you are a Kodava — and Kodavas are slim, tall, elegant, beautiful, handsome, rugged and with wiry bodies. The trouble sometimes is, we stereotype people. Did you turn a vegetarian when you started practicing yoga?

    Yamini: I am a proud Kodavathi rooted in my Kodava culture and tradition. I have not given up anything at all. But my personal development has adopted various principles from my study of the two classical disciplines. They are my personal principles that do not interfere with my home culture, which is Kodava. [Daughter of Chendrimada Raja (late) and Sundari, Yamini is married to Kotera C. Muthanna].

    No I did not turn vegetarian when I started practicing Yoga, though I changed a lot of principles to suit my practice. However, I am not a great fan of non-vegetarian food. You can call me a “No-fussytarian.” I eat whatever is healthy.

    SOM: How much of your yoga has influenced your dance?

    Yamini: A lot, in terms of energy and health. Breathing especially gets regulated when we do rigorous dancing. It has helped me keep my body agile and supple and less injury-prone.

    SOM: What are your future plans and why the word ‘Power’ in the title of the book?

    Yamini: Future plans — I shall keep doing what I am doing with more passion and conviction. I shall keep replenishing my knowledge in these two subjects. With the blessings of my Gurus, I have no doubt in accomplishing this; I will need their support and guidance always. I have already started my next book on Yoga, which would be exclusively for women from 18 to 80. The contents are just shaping up. I feel it will give an interesting perspective on woman’s body and how Yoga could benefit maintenance.

    “Power,” I can’t think of a better term for Yoga. Yoga is a source of Power to better your life. As one adapts Yoga into his/her lifestyle, it becomes more and more obvious. I am using the term to emphasise this fact… It’s been my personal Power.

    source: http://www.starofmysore.com / Star of Mysore / Home> Feature Articles / by Niranjan Nikam / February 24th, 2016

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    February 22nd, 2016adminNri's / Pio's, Sports, World Opinion

    Chettalli (Madikeri) :

    It is a known fact that cricket is a popular sport in many countries including India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, England, Australia and others. But, the sport slowly is steadily gaining popularity in countries such as Namibia, Nepal, Netherlands, Afghanistan, UAE and others. The common factor among the countries where cricket is gaining popularity is the Indian factor.

    Chillavanda Darshan Chinnappa (left) with former South African cricketer Jonty Rhodes.

    Chillavanda Darshan Chinnappa (left) with former South African cricketer Jonty Rhodes.

    There are many Indians who have been promoting cricket worldwide. One such person who has been popularising the sport in United Arab Emirates (UAE) is Chillavanda Darshan Chinnappa, a native of Bilugunda village in Kodagu district who has joined hands with legendary cricketers like Ramiz Raja, Aravinda De Silva and Naveed Nawaz to start Future Legends Cricket Academy (FLCA) in Dubai.

    Darshan Chinnappa, who is currently residing in Bengaluru, is the son of Chillavanda Chinnappa, a retired official of Survey of India and Chillavanda Parvathi, a retired employee of Co-operation Department. He is married to Chillavanda Nirmala and the couple is blessed with a daughter Raha Darshan.

    FLCA was started two months back with former Sri Lankan skipper Aravinda De Silva, former Pakistani cricketer Ramiz Raja, Imran Zafar, Shahid Rafique Sheikh and former Sri Lankan cricketer Naveed Nawaz.

    The academy has been providing world class facilities to children and also conducts master classes by inviting top cricketers from India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and others countries. Legendary cricketers like Kumara Sangakara and Jhonty Rodes have already conducted master classes.

    Darshan believes that the academy would be recognised at an international level and gain more popularity. Details on the academy are available at futurelegendsca.com and in the facebook page.

    source: http://www.starofmysore.com / Star of Mysore / Home> Sports News / February 22nd, 2016

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    Hyderabad :

    “Look at me… don’t you notice any change,” said Jwala Gutta, displaying her toned down body.

    “This is what our doubles coach has done. I am much fitter now. He brought a number of changes to our game, more particularly to my fitness,” said Jwala, who lost at least 11 kgs in the last five months. Earlier, it was difficult to push Jwala in many aspects. But new doubles coach Kim Tan has found a way on how to deal with talented senior players.

    Ever since he took over five months back, Kim is working hard with the doubles teams. After acrimonious exchanges with national coach P Gopichand, which made headlines, Jwala and her partner Ashwini Ponnappa came back to train at the Gopichand Academy and started working with Kim. Kim took time to understand the doubles scenario in India and succeeded in creating a working atmosphere.

    “My contract with Badminton Association of India is up to 2020. I have to make some good contributions before that. When I came here I was happy with the things around. I realised that I had to deal with two aspects, the senior doubles team like Jwala-Ashwini, who have achieved success, and a few junior doubles pairs. So I have a plan for them,” Kim said.

    Kim is also planning to use Ashwini in mixed doubles. Known for effective smashes which are packed with a lot of power, Ashwini hardly played in mixed doubles events. “Manu Attri and Ashwini will be playing the mixed doubles event. We have finalised on that. They will make an exciting pair,” said Kim, adding that he has plans for others as well.

    source: http://www.timesofindia.indiatimes.com / The Times of India / News Home> Sports> Badminton / M Ratnakumar / TNN / February 18th, 2016

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    February 21st, 2016adminSports

    Nanaiah Stars for Cauvery College

    FINISHING ON TOP:Cauvery College edged out St. Anne's College 1-0 in the final of the State-level inter-collegiate hockey tournament on Wednesday.

    FINISHING ON TOP:Cauvery College edged out St. Anne’s College 1-0 in the final of the State-level inter-collegiate hockey tournament on Wednesday.

    K.B. Nanaiah’s 59th-minute goal helped Cauvery College (Virajpet) pip St. Anne’s College (Virajpet) 1-0 in the final of the State-level inter-collegiate hockey tournament, conducted by Kautilya FGC, on Wednesday.

    St. Philomena’s (Mysuru) took the third spot with a 1-0 win over St. Joseph’s College (Bengaluru), thanks to Yeshwin’s goal in the 49th minute.

    The results: Final: Cauvery College (Virajpet) 1 (K.B. Nanaiah 59) bt St. Anne’s (Virajpet) 0; Semifinals: Cauvery bt St. Philomena’s 3-2, via sudden-death; St. Anne’s bt St. Joseph’s (Bengaluru) 2-1.

    Special prizes: Best goalkeeper: K.A. Darshan (NIE, Mysore); Best defender: C.A. Boppanna (Cauvery); Best forward: David Karekatta (St. Philomena’s); Player-of-the-tournament: Sudesh (St. Anne’s).


    Kishan S. Bedare’s 71 (11×4) took National CC to a two-wicket win over Vidyaranya in the quarterfinal tie of the KSCA Mysore Zone’s Sri. M. Gopalaswamy Memorial cricket tournament on Wednesday.

    The scores: Vidyaranya 175 in 46.3 overs (Munish Chengappa 35 n.o., G.L. Yashas 30) lost to National 178 for eight in 45.3 overs (Kishan S. Bedare 71, Deepak S. Gowda 27, N. Zahed four for 24).

    MUCSC 113 in 22.5 overs (Bharath Bhushan four for 28, Punith three for 16) lost to Young Cricketers 116 for nine in 27.3 overs (Swaroop 44, N. Bharath five for 30).


    Md. Asif’s brace (48 & 69) and an own-goal by defender Karthik of Friends Union enabled Lucky Star (Bannur) score a 3-1 win over Friends Union in a Group A league match of the MDFA ‘C’ division football tournament for the Chirag Trophy on Wednesday.

    Kitti scored the lone goal for Friends Union in the 14th minute.


    Karnataka’s Akarsh Gaonkar and Anmay Yogesh Devaj entered the boys’ singles semifinals of the KTPPA Yonex AITA under-12 tennis championship at the Energy Tennis Centre courts here on Wednesday.

    Gaonkar took out Tharakesh Ashokar of Tamil Nadu 6-2, 5-7, 6-4 in the last-eight, while Devaj rallied to script a 6-2, 6-7(4), 6-2 win over Arjun Gohad.

    source: http://www.thehindu.com / The Hindu / Home> Sport / Mysuru – January 28th, 2016

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    February 21st, 2016adminNri's / Pio's, Sports, World Opinion
    Team Coorg receives the winner’s trophy from H E Indra Mani Pandey

    Team Coorg receives the winner’s trophy from H E Indra Mani Pandey

    Team Coorg edged past United Thalasserry Sports Club (UTSC) Oman 2-1 to lift the Republic Day Cup at the 67th Republic Day of India Hockey Festival, which was held at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex recently.

    It was the ninth successive year of the festival, organised by Team Coorg and Friends of Naqvi Group.

    Three teams took part in the Republic Day Cup.

    In the opening clash, UTSC Oman edged past Beatrice XI by a solitary goal to set up summit clash with Team Coorg, which received a first-round bye.

    Earlier in the clash for the Ambassador Cup, Ambassador XI beat Indian School al Seeb 1-0. Later, H E Indra Mani Pandey, the Indian Ambassador to Oman, gave away the prizes in the presence of H E Sheikh Mahfoodh al Juma, the Oman Hockey Association (OHA) chairman and also a Majlis A’Shura member, and Kanak Khimji, the Oman Cricket chairman.

    On this occasion, H E Pandey honoured veteran hockey coach and sports administrator S A S Naqvi for his contribution to the game.

    Source: http://www.muscatdaily.com/ MuscatDaily.com / Home> Sports / January 27th, 2016

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    Top seed Joshna Chinappa came back from behind to beat second seeded Toorpaki Wazir of Pakistan to clinch gold at the South Asian Games on Monday.


    Star player Joshna Chinappa clinched the gold in women’s individual squash after beating Maria Toorpaki Wazir of Pakistan in a tense and ill-tempered summit clash to make up for India’s disappointment in the men’s event on Monday.

    Top seed Chinappa, ranked 14th in the world, recovered from one set down to beat second seeded Wazir 10-12 11-7 11-9 11-7 at the brand new squash facility at the R G Baruah Sports Complex here.(Wrestlers make India proud at SAG)

    With Chinappa’s gold, India has so far won three medals in squash with Sourav Ghosal and Harinder Pal Singh Sandhu having grabbed a bronze each after losing to their Pakistani opponents yesterday.
    Chinappa, one of the few top Indian players to have opted to play in the SAG, thus gave some solace to the team management after men’s players failed to reach the final.

    The women’s final match had all the drama which was witnessed during the men’s semifinals with Chinappa expressing unhappiness to the match officials with the “aggressive” play of Wazir who was seen as trying to be a bit physical with the top-ranked Indian.

    Wazir, ranked 50th in the world, won the first set 12-10 after a neck-and-neck contest but she got injured midway in the second set at 7-7 as blood came out of her left eyebrow region after contact with Chinappa and play was stopped for a while to get her treated.

    The Pakistani was immediately given first aid and she resumed play after a few minutes. It looked like the break gave Chinappa time to ponder on her game and the glamorous Indian started dominating the match from there on.

    Wazir looked tentative just after coming from her injury break and Chinappa did not take much time to take the second set 11-7 and level scores at 1-1.

    The third set saw Chinappa taking a 5-2 lead but Wazir came back with some superb shots to make it 6-6 and then 8-6. By then there was tension among the crowd at the stands, but a calm Chinappa just went about her job and brought the score to 9-9 and then 10-9 before taking the set.

    In the fourth and final set, Wazir gave some fight initially but later frittered away as Chinappa won it 11-7 to give India the first gold in squash in this edition.

    Chinappa later made it known that she was not happy with the way the referees handled the match and that she did not enjoy playing the match as her opponent was “very aggressive” and “not playing fair”.
    “Wazir is a good player but she was very aggressive. Fortunately, I won the gold but I did not enjoy playing the final. I play in the professional circuit and there, these kind of things, likes lot of interference and blocking (by rival player) does not happen,” she said after the match.

    “I tried to keep myself calm but I had to let them (match officials) know what was happening on the court. I cannot let things happening all the time,” said Chinappa, who argued with the referee on a couple of occasions.

    “I am a kind of player who plays fair, without these interfering and blocking etc. Doing all these is not nice for the spectators and also for the game,” she added.

    Asked if the referees should have handled the situation better, she said, “I don’t want to be in trouble again but I feel it is their job to control the match and stop all those things. They should have done better.”

    source: http://www.indiatoday.intoday.in / IndiaToday.in / Home> News> Sports> Other Sports / PTI / Guwahati – February 08th, 2016

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    Ace quartermiler MR Poovamma and Asian champion shot putter Inderjeet Singh will spearhead a 68-member Indian athletics team at the 12th SAF Games to be held in Guwahati from February 5-16, Athletics Federation of India (AFI) said today.

    Poovamma, who won gold in the women’s 4x400m relay at the 2014 Asian Games, and Inderjeet, a gold medallist at the Asian Athletics Championships in 2015, will be part of the Indian squad which also includes Olympian shot putter Omprakash Singh Karhana.

    The Indian athletics team, comprising 36 men and 32 women, will compete in the track and field tournament of the SAF Games which is scheduled be held from February 9-12.

    India topped the medal tally in athletics in the previous edition held at Dhaka in 2010, winning 29 medals overall, including 10 gold medals, 11 silver and 8 bronze. The Indian team is expected to face competition from Sri Lanka, which finished second in the medal tally in track and field in the 2010 Games.

    This time, the athletics competition will witness 20 events in men and 17 in women respectively at the Indira Gandhi Athletics Stadium, Sarusajai Sports Complex, Guwahati.

    AFI President and Olympian, Adille J Sumariwalla said: “The 12th SAF Games is special because it’s being hosted in Guwahati and we hope to notch up maximum number of medals at home.

    Though the competition is being held at a time when our elite athletes are in the midst of their training for 2016 Olympics, we’ve tried to select the best possible team under the situation. The team is a good mix of experience and youth and we hope they will return with a rich haul of medals from the 2016 SAF Games.”

    Meanwhile, the preparations are in full swing at the various National camps and a number of elite athletes who have qualified for Rio, are also expected to be part of the action at the SAF Games.

    The National campers for quarter miles, 400m hurdles and 4x400m relays for both men and women under coach Yuri Ogorodnik returned from a 69-day training stint in Turkey and will reach Guwahati from their present camp in Thiruvananthapuram.

    The leading long and triple jumpers in the country who are currently training under Romanian coach Bedros Bedrosian in Thiruvananthapuram are scheduled to participate first in the SAF Games and next at the Asian Indoor Championships to be held at Doha from February 19.

    Asian champion Inderjeet Singh is scheduled to reach Guwahati directly from his training centre in the US. However, the organisers have not received enough entries to conduct the men’s hammer throw event, and therefore the event is uncertain till now.

    source: http://www.thehindu.com / The Hindu / Home> Sport> Other Sports / PTI / New Delhi – February 01st, 2016

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    The ‘Ajab Gazabb Love’ (2012) actress, Nidhi Subbaiah gets a high zooming off for long rides.

    Nidhi Subbaiah

    Nidhi Subbaiah

    In both her upcoming films, ‘Love Shagun’ and ‘Direct Ishq’, she was required to ride the two-wheeler.

    The youngster had her share of thrills and spills during the shoot in Goa.

    Nidhi is also big time into adventure sports and likes paragliding and cliff climbing. An action flick is right up her alley.

    source: http://www.mid-day.com / mid-day / Home> News> Mumbai News> National> Columnists> Entertainment News> Bollywood News / by The HitList Team / February 01st, 2016

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