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    June 20th, 2011adminAgriculture
    The oranges that usually come up for harvest at the beginning of the rainy season have seen a great demand this time round.

    Kodagu’s oranges in Kerala
    Kodagu’s juicy oranges are famous across the country. The fruit which is harvested twice a year, has now entered the market. In fact, the fruit has found a huge market in neighbouring Kerala. TOwing to the delay in monsoon, most farmers and traders are now busying themselves with Kodagu’s oranges.

    Several traders are buying oranges in a wholesale manner at Kottamudi, Hodawada, Murnadu and other places near Napoklu. They then transport them to Kerala.
    The oranges that are harvested from the winter find a larger demand in the local markets than the oranges harvested in the rainy season.

    The oranges from the rainy season are priced between Rs 20 and Rs 30 per kilogram.
    Orange yield has come down drastically in the recent past. The size of the fruit has gotten smaller, but they still retain the true Kodagu orange flavour, points out Hodawada’s orange trader Hamsa.

    Still, orange crops have had their share of troubles. In the recent past, they have been afflicted with a pest and that has affected orange produce. It is imperative that coffee estate owners pay greater attention to orange crops.
    C N Suresh


    source: http://www.deccanherald.com / Supplements / Spectrum / Miscellany

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    The courtyards of almost all the houses in Kodagu have been brightened with colourful dahlia flowers months after the onset of rainy season. Dahlia flowers of various colours have started blooming in front of houses attracting visitors.
    Different varieties of dahlia flowers found in Kodagu district. DH PhotosGarden lovers start planting dahlia saplings during the onset of rainy season. The flower, which gets rebirth every rainy seasons, start blooming within a month. It does not require any extra care to grow dahlia flowers in the garden. The very speciality of dahlia is that its flowers are not only attractive and colourful, but also are dfferent in terms of size. 

    There are many types of dahlia species and each one is different from another. It is said that the plant was introduced to India by a Swedish Botanist Doll in 1789. Kodagu district is famous for the dahlia flowers as it can be seen in majority of houses. People of Kodagu are fond of dahlia flowers that they collect different types of dahlia from their neighbourhood during rainy season. It is very easy to grow dahlia that either a piece of root or stump is enough to reproduce it.

    A dahlia plant grown from its root gives flowers of bigger size. A combination of sand and soil will be suitable for the dahlia plants to grow. The plant will give more flowers, if organic manures were used. Timely pruning will make the plant more strong and also will produce more flowers.

    “More flowers can be obtained from one plant alone, if it was taken care properly. March-April months are suitable for dahlia plantation. The roots can be preserved in soil after the season so that it can be transplanted in the next season,” says Gayathri Raveendra, a resident of Napoklu.

    source: http://www.deccanherald.com / DH News Service / Madikeri / Aug 15th, 2010


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