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  • Kodagu gears up for Huttari festival

    December 1st, 2017adminArts, Culture & Entertainment
    Reaping the paddy sheaths as a part of Huttari ritual.

    Reaping the paddy sheaths as a part of Huttari ritual.

    Preparations are in full swing for Huttari (Puttari) festival in Kodagu. Houses are being decorated and farmers are all set to bring the newly harvested paddy to the houses. Huttari, the grandly celebrated festival will be observed on December 3 and 4 this time. The festival proceedings have begun at Mand, near Kodava Samaja and cultural programmes will be held to mark the occasion.

    Due to inadequate rains, the harvest was bad in the paddy fields last year and the celebrations were dull. This year, the yield has been good thanks to the mercy of the rain gods and the paddy fields are covered with greenery.

    The religious start will be given at Padi Iggutappa Temple near Napoklu by removing the sheath on December 3.

    Huttari Kaladcha will be observed on December 2. After various rituals, the meal prepared from the new harvest will be served on December 3 at 9.30 pm.

    After the ritual at the temple, the farmers’ march towards their fields, offer a prayer to the field, fire gunshots in the air, harvest the new crop and bring it to the houses while singing songs. The warehouse of paddy too will be offered a pooja, followed by meals.

    ‘Kolata’ is a major part of Huttari celebration. The Kolata dance will be performed at Mand and at Old Fort Hall. ‘Kattiyat’, ‘Ummattat’ and ‘Dudikotpat’ will also be held.

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