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    July 1st, 2011adminArts, Culture & Entertainment

    AUSPICIOUS BEGINNING: The Secretary of the Department of Kannada and Culture, B.R. Jayaramaraje Urs, inaugurating a Karnataka Kodava Sahitya Academy function in Madikeri on Thursday.

    AUSPICIOUS BEGINNING: The Secretary of the Department of Kannada and Culture, B.R. Jayaramaraje Urs, inaugurating a Karnataka Kodava Sahitya Academy function in Madikeri on Thursday.

    New body of Karnataka Kodava Sahitya Academy installed


    The Secretary, Department of Kannada and Culture, B.R. Jayaramaraje Urs, on Thursday hailed the contribution of the Kodava community to the betterment of society in all spheres of life.

    He was inaugurating a function here at the Cauvery Kalakshetra organised to mark the assuming of charge by the new body of the Karnataka Kodava Sahitya Academy, headed by Iymudiyanda Rani Machaiah.

    Expressing anguish at the small and well-knit communities, including the Kodava, losing their identity, Mr. Urs said the fear of extinction had made many a community to remain alert and active to save its culture for posterity. The Kodava was one such community.

    If the language of a particular community could be saved, it would result in fostering its culture. Mr. Urs suggested to Ms. Machaiah to initiate action with regard to translating several landmark Kodava literary works into other languages. Similarly, books could be published on native medicines, festivals, folklore, different Kodava speaking groups (other than Kodavas), Devarakadu (sacred groves) and land tenures.

    Mr. Urs lauded the unique culture of Kodagu where the concept of “nad kachcheri” (Government office to deal with all revenue matters at the hobli level) originated and the noble concept of preserving Devarakadu (sacred groves) had been in vogue for centuries. Women had always enjoyed freedom and security, which was worth emulating, Mr. Urs said.

    He appealed to Ms. Machaiah to seek the help of all to run the administration of the academy efficiently and help foster the cause of Kodava.

    The president of the Akhila Kodava Samaja, Matanda C. Monnappa, who was a guest, appealed to the academy members to propagate Kodava literature in schools, especially the literary works of Haradasa Appacha Kavi, one of the earliest literary figures of Kodagu.

    He said the academy members should display unity and work as one team to further the cause of Kodava language and spread its culture.

    Mr. Monnappa suggested to Mr. Urs to appoint a fulltime registrar to the academy who was conversant with Kodava.

    Kalegowda Nagavara, former president of the Karnataka Janapada Academy, said that Kodava culture was an ancient one and it needed to be nurtured by the State Government through the academy.

    Documentary filmmaker S. Srinivasamurthy suggested to Ms. Machaiah to prepare a long-term development plan and solicit the support of the youth to run the administration of the academy meaningfully.

    Ms. Machaiah, who presided over the function, said the academy had approved an action plan to cover 23 different programmes across Kodagu in the next one year.


    source: http://www.thehindu.com / by Staff Correspondent / National / Karnataka / Jun 05th, 2009


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    June 20th, 2011adminArts, Culture & Entertainment
    Poets highlight society’s problems through their works
    That was a perfect occasion for the poets to let lose their imaginations and highlight the problems in the society.
    They made best use of the occasion at the multi-lingual poets meet organised by the Madikeri Dasara janotsava Bahubhasha Kavighoshti Committee and Karnataka Kodava Sahithya Academy at Kaveri Kalakshethra on Sunday. 

    There were descriptions of Kodagu’s land, water, agriculture, tradition, culture and heroic deeds along with the beauty of the nature and wildlife. There were disappointment over the failure of government in responding to the problems of the district. There were displeasure over Kodavas not getting the rights over Baane land. There were concern over threat to sanctity of Talacauvery along with the wild elephant menace. This was how a senior poet Chendrimada Ga Muthappa explained Kodagu through his poem.
    Muthappa recited poem on ‘Jamma bane’ and highlighted the problems faced by people in Kodagu.

    The limericks by an invited poet of Somwarpet, Ha Thi Jayaprakash on politicians Shobha Karandlaje, Siddaramaiah, Goolihatti Shekar, Aravinda Limbavalli, Janardhan Reddy and B S Yeddyurappa highlighted the present political situation in the state. As many as 38 poets recited poems on the occasion. This included four in English and one in Hindi.

    Recitation of poems by little V J Monish of Madikeri and Ananya Sharma of Gonikoppa were the centre of attraction. B R Joyappa recited poem ‘Kalajnani,’ B Siddaraju Bellyya— ‘IT BT gala benneri,’ Kayapanda B Tata Changappa— ‘Madikeri,’ T L Padmaja—‘Shikshaka,’ Sathish Kumar of Cherambane—‘Naanu bareyuthene,’ Hemalatha Poornaprakash— ‘Nirlipta baduku,’ Sunitha Lokesh— ‘Pranaya male,’ Shanthaleela— ‘Dr Raj ge namana,’ Manju Gopinathan — ‘Kaarana ishte,’ M E Mohammed—‘Bedagina Kodagu,’ M K Ashraf — ‘Guruve Namaha,’ and Asha Dharmapal recited ‘Prabhu Kaneyagiddare’.

    K P Devidas of Gonikoppa recited Malayalam poem ‘Yakshi paramb,’ Narayana of Neerabidire recited Tulu poem ‘Ippodu Incha,’ B M Vasu Rai—’Bale Dasarogu’, Sabalam Bojanna Reddy recited Telugu poem ‘Nenu Manishi Kada.’ A V Manjunath of Virajpet recited limericks. The English poems recited included— M S Subbaiah’s  ‘The power of the invisible,’ Kiggalu G Harish’s ‘We surely will succeed,’ Thekkada Gulabi Janardhan’s ‘Ever green teacher,’ and  V J Monish’s ‘Flower.’ M E Manoj recited Hindi poem.

    source: http://www.deccanherald.com / Madikeri / DH News Service / Oct 11th

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