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    June 20th, 2011adminAgriculture
    The oranges that usually come up for harvest at the beginning of the rainy season have seen a great demand this time round.

    Kodagu’s oranges in Kerala
    Kodagu’s juicy oranges are famous across the country. The fruit which is harvested twice a year, has now entered the market. In fact, the fruit has found a huge market in neighbouring Kerala. TOwing to the delay in monsoon, most farmers and traders are now busying themselves with Kodagu’s oranges.

    Several traders are buying oranges in a wholesale manner at Kottamudi, Hodawada, Murnadu and other places near Napoklu. They then transport them to Kerala.
    The oranges that are harvested from the winter find a larger demand in the local markets than the oranges harvested in the rainy season.

    The oranges from the rainy season are priced between Rs 20 and Rs 30 per kilogram.
    Orange yield has come down drastically in the recent past. The size of the fruit has gotten smaller, but they still retain the true Kodagu orange flavour, points out Hodawada’s orange trader Hamsa.

    Still, orange crops have had their share of troubles. In the recent past, they have been afflicted with a pest and that has affected orange produce. It is imperative that coffee estate owners pay greater attention to orange crops.
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    June 20th, 2011adminArts, Culture & Entertainment
    ”Kodagu district is known across the country for peace and harmony. There is no discrimination on basis of language here in Kodagu,” said Litterateur and critic K P Balasubramanya.
    Delivering the presidential address at the 8th Kannada Sahithya Sammelan at Murnadu on Thursday on the topic ‘Literature over the decade in Kodagu district,’ he said that though people from different castes and communities have been living in Kodagu, it has not had any adverse impact on the communal harmony here. 

    “Kodavas are peace lovers and they are soft spoken,” he said opining that communal disturbances have always occurred in various parts of the country due to political instigation. “Since people of Kodagu are untouched by religious differences, Kodagu has been witnessing superior literature,” he said.

    He pointed that over the last 10 years good analytical piece of writings and poems have been produced. “Scope of literature is vast and never ending. One can never complete reading and analysing literature,” he said.

    Virajpet First Grade College Assistant Principal Dr Korana Saraswathi said that research is nothing but search for knowledge or thirst for knowing more. “Research should be based on truth and should take place within scientific frame work,” she said.

    “Research can be done with various objectives but the main aim of any research is to find the truth and expand intellectual horizon,” she said adding that sincerity is the most important aspect in research.

    Tribal literature

    Dr J Somanna from Vijayalakshmi Pre University College said that tribals are those set of vagabonds who have developed their own culture and literature out of their distinct way of living.

    “The tribals have been living a life of exile literally, saving themselves from the invasion of modern culture. Living in isolation from the outside world, these tribals have their own language, culture, rituals, belief system, way of worshipping, attire, literature, cope up mechanisms etc. They with such a way of living look unusual and peculiar to the urban population,” Somanna said adding that 60 years of independence had not changed anything for the tribals of the country.

    “Sincere efforts to convince the tribals to adopt the natural, inevitable changes happening in the society has not taken place so far. The result is that majority of tribals still live like animals. There is a need to understand the tribal lifestyle, respect their culture and then bring in necessary measures to bring them into the mainstream,” he said.

    source: http://www.deccanherald.com / DHNS / Madikeri / Apr 01st, 2011

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