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    June 21st, 2011adminArts, Culture & Entertainment

    The locus where fantasies are woven from everyday lives. There is a land far far away, where happiness is not only prerequisite but also the only mode of survival. The place where the Storm Festival is brewing. Just a sneeze away from Bangalore and you are amidst the lush green natural settings. About 250 kilometres from Bangalore lies a hamlet, near the town of Madikeri, Coorg. This is the place where Storm Festival is shaping up to give you the ultimate music experience. Coorg is a geography rich in flora and fauna, as well as a brave and long culture, among a breed of warriors. This is where Liquid Space decided to stage the first Storm Festival, India’s first camp-out music festival.

    Spread across 28 acres of luxuriant greenery and thick bamboo groves lies the Storm fields, a peninsular region surrounded by river Cauvery on all 3 facets. The entrance of the ground leads you to a vast opening which leads you to the camping area. You can have the ultimate music experience for 48 hours, where you will be treated to the music of various DJ’s and multiple bands. After which you can chill out at the deck overlooking the river, wherein you can have unplugged jamming sessions, to enrich the music experience or retire to your tents in the camping area.

    Life is and will always be incomplete without music. Music is change and change is vital. Begin your getaway with Storm festival and taste the sweet joy of free rein; a freedom engineered by music, nature and warm fellowship. It is a sonnet to Dance, Music and Nature, making it the cleanest and greenest festival this side of the universe. The dance floor being at the height of 5000 ft above sea level is going to be the most beautiful one you have ever seen.

    We would be coming up soon with more details on the venue about the festival. Browse www.stormfestivalindia.com  for more surprises and gifts.

    source: http://www.blogs.siliconindia.com / by Hari Mohan / Friday Jun 17th, 2011


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